Disabled Boer couple assaulted by SAPS Die Moot


Willemina, 69 hip broken; Willem Laynes 72, son Adriaan Strydom, 44, brutally assaulted by SAPS, Die Moot, Rietfontein Dec 31 2010. http://www.beeld.com/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/Polisie-gesin-slaags-20110102

DIE MOOT POLICE STATION, Rietfontein, Pretoria. Sixty-nine-year-old frail pensioner Willemina Laynes  – whose left foot was amputated in 2010 – had her hip broken in two places and her knee-bone chipped during an assault by the SAPS who then also beat and kicked her husband Willem, 72 and her son Adriaan Strydom, 44.

Beeld journalist Fanie van Rooyen depicted the assaults as a ‘road-rage’ caused by the victims: two defenceless Afrikaner pensioners against armed police officers: the old man had erupted in anger when his frail and terrified wife, who has an amputated foot and walks with crutches, was pushed over by a police officer. The frail 69-year-old Mrs Laynes had to be rushed to hospital to reset a broken hip; while her elderly husband and her son were  held overnight in Die Moot ‘s police cells. The two men were released on $50 bail without any known charges. Mr Strydom and Mr Laynes  have lodged formal assault complaints against the SAPS.

Laynes Willem and Willemina in hospital after beatings by cops Piic Deaan Vivier

The fracas erupted on Friday-night when the Laynes couple, their son Adriaan and his fiancee Mrs Martina van der Merwe, 35 and her 16-year-old son were enroute to Jan Niemand Park, driving on Frates Road with Mr Laynes driving his Nissan Maxima passenger car:  View ‘Die Moot ‘ Google map

Mr Strydom said a marked SAPS vehicle suddenly pushed in front of his dad’s car at a crossing because they were chasing an unknown driver who was on the wrong side of the road. The SAPS vehicle then stopped right in front of the Laynes car. Mr Laynes said to them as he detoured past them:”You should at least look where you go before you drive.’ My dad continued driving but the next minute the same SAPS vehicle flashed their lights and ordered my dad to pull over. However there was no place to pull over safely right at that spot so my dad tried to pull over into Mchael Brink Road. At the crossing the SAPS official climbed from his own car and grabbed my dad’s keys from the ignition. My dad climbed out and tried to grab his keys back. The official then attacked him. Meanwhile my mother got very scared and climbed from the car with her crutches. The officer pushed my mother over and then all hell broke lose. My father was calm until the police officer pushed my mother over.’

His elderly father only has the use of one arm due to an old injury. With his healthy arm he hit the two officers with a crutch. Suddenly more police vehicles showed up and men jumped out and started kicking and beating the two men and sprayed them with pepper-spray and handcuffed them. ‘My father struggled to get into the van so they kicked him into it,’ said the son. The two men were released from police jail with R500 bail ($50). They have lodged immediate complaints of assaults against the police members involved in the fracas, confirmed warrant-officer Marinda Swanepoel. She claimed that the police officers had ‘pulled over the Laynes vehicle because it was ‘overloaded’ (four adults and a teen in a Nissan Maxima) and didn’t want to pull over right away.’ 


Pretoria, Die Moot police station map: Phone No.012 353 5300 If calling from outside South Africa: +27 12 353 5300; fax 012 353 5359
If calling from outside South Africa: +27 12 353 5359 Latitude -25.7127° Longitude 28.2162°

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Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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