Krugersdorp Afrikaner murdered Dec 16 2010

Piet Desfountain, 53, bludgeoned to death by four attackers, Krugersdorp, Dec 16 2010, wife Lizel brutally beaten – but escaped and survived 


Dec 16 2010 – KRUGERSDORP. A local Afrikaner man, Piet Desfountain, 53, was bludgeoned to death in his Gerhard Maritz Avenue home in Krugersdorp by four black men who had torn down the security gates at around 03:30 in the night and stormed in with hammers and shovels.

Desfountain Piet killed Krugersdorp Dec162010  wife Lizel survives attack

Lizel Desfountain, 49, also was brutally assaulted after her husband was bludgeoned to death. She however saved her life by managing to flee and now is in hospital. Her condition is unknown. Beeld journalist Jacques Steenkamp reports that the couple were married about three months ago. It was Mr Desfountain’s second marriage.

It took the police more than an hour to respond to a neighbour’s emergency call – but SAPS spokesman captain Jacob Raboroko said the long waiting period was “irrelevant…’… that they did show up eventually…’ By that time of course the attackers were long-gone…

The SAPS had earlier also denied to family-friends that any murder had even taken place.

 Desfountain Madelaine weeps after murder of dad Piet Krugersdorp Dec162010

Madelaine, the grief-stricken daughter of murder-victim Piet Desfountain, was supported by friend Lorraine Geyer outside the Krugersdorp murder-house after hearing the news from the Beeld journalists at the Dec 16 2010 murder scene. Picture by Beeld photographer Lauren Mulligan. 


The couple were asleep when their home was invaded. Family member Dr Tommy Jooste said when hearing the home-invaders tear down his security gate and destroy the flood-lights Mr Desfountain had stormed from the bedroom and started struggling and fighting with the four black men. “He fought fiercely for his life and after he had collapsed to the floor they assaulted Lizel. He was on the floor next to his wife before she passed out from the pain’ she said.”

The attackers were rummaging through the house and Mrs Desfountain woke up and and immediately fled from the house.
She jumped into her car and drove off at high speed. Neighbour Piet Madonsela who lives about 300 metres from the house, woke up from her screams at around 4am.”I heard her screaming hysterically at the gate. When I opened it she was covered in blood and her clothes were shredded. She said: ‘they are busy killing him.’

Mr Madonsela said he was unable to call for help from his cellphone because he’d run out of airtime. And her phone was stolen. So the bloodied, traumatised woman and Mr Madonsela started knocking on the doors of neighbours for help – but they were all too terrified to open the door to them.”I look like a crook I suppose…’ he said.

Mrs Desfountain was eventually able to locate her sister Ms Lavonne van Wyk – and she and her friend Dave Haasbroek then called the SAPS and the emergency services. The injured woman now is in hospital. Beeld’s article does not say anything about her current condition.

Desfountein Piet murder scene hairclip on bloodsmeared floor KrugersdorpDec162010

The blood-smeared floor in the Desfountain couple’s home in Krugersdorp and a broken hairclip tell a story of senseless, excessive violence… Picture by Beeld photographer Lauren Mulligan.


Haasbroek and Madonsella then jumped in his car to drive to the Desfountain house. The two men were greeted by a scene of carnage: “The house was coated in blood. The attackers had covered Piet with a duvet so that only his face was showing. I looked to see if he was still alive but he seemed dead. We waited for over an hour for the police to show up. It was the most pathetic police reaction ever,’ said Mr Haasbroek. He told Beeld that the murder-victim’s face was disfigured with deep gaping wounds.

  • There was no mention whether anything else was actually robbed except Mrs Desfountain’s cellphone.

SAPS Krugersdorp denied that a murder even took place:

Beeld writes that his ex-wife Wilma –  enroute to her new home in Richard’s Bay – was phoned about her ex-husband’s death and asked her Krugersdorp friends David and Lorraine Geyer to confirm it with the SAPS. However, the Geyers ran into a wall of silence: “At the Krugersdorp police station we were told that ‘nobody was murdered and that they knew nothing about it,’ said Mr Geyer.The couple then went to the murder-scene and confirmed that Mr Desfountain had been murdered with Beeld’s journalist. His daughter from his first marriage, Madelaine, 29, showed up shortly thereafter and burst into tears.He also leaves a son, Etienne, 32.

SAPS captain Jacob Raboroko – asked to comment — told Beeld that it was ‘irrelevant how long it took before the police showed up. They were probably busy elsewhere.They did show up eventually…’

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