Afrikaner farmer suffocated, Badplaas

Tolstoi Schoeman, 86, killed; wife Güdryn kidnapped farm Vygeboom Badplaas Dec 16 2010.

    86-year-old Afrikaner farmer Tolstoi Schoeman and wife Güdryn were asleep in their beds when a group of black males invaded their homestead Vygeboom near Badplaas, Mpumalanga. Schoeman was tied up and suffocated with his pyjama pants. The gang then kidnapped Mrs Schoeman in the couple’s own car: they wanted to drive her to Carolina to withdraw cash from the couple’s bank-account. Beeld journalist Buks Viljoen reports that the murderers had crashed the car and then fled from the wreckage, leaving the injured Mrs Schoeman inside. There is no report that anything was actually stolen from the homestead. She told the police that she suspected her husband was murdered in farm attack. The police went to the farm and found Mr Schoeman’s body. She was treated in Ermelo and discharged.

    About Adriana Stuijt
    Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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