Armed robbers thanked for not hurting the victims

 Riaan Gartforth-Venter TV Handyman and wife Mitchelle unhurt in armed robbery Bryanston home Dec 5 2010

Riaan Garforth-Venter and his wife Mitchelle were attacked, tied up and robbed by two gunmen inside their home – who broke in through the bedroom-window of baby-daughter Rainn in their high-security complex in Bryanston, walked up to the father seated beind his computer and said “Be quiet or I will kill you.’GarforthVenter Riaan TV Handyman wife Mitchelle ARMED ROBBERS THANKED FOR NOT KILLING THEM

He’s known in South Africa as the TV-Handyman.  The couple were tied up and left on the floor of the living room. Little Rainn slept throughout the robbery in her little cot.

“We were calm, cooperated and told them to take whatever they wanted. I looked at my wife and wondered if this would be the last time I’d  see her. I was waiting for a gunshot and I was thinking well ‘this is it’. Then I told them: ‘I love my wife and my child, please don’t hurt us.’

The gunmen then pulled Michelle to her feet and forced her with a gun against her head to open the safe from which they removed a revolver, money and jewellery. They also took cellphones and laptop computers. One of the robbers told him: ‘I see you have a lovely son, don’t do anything stupid so that he will grow up without parents.’ They then turned off the lights and told the couple ‘not to do anything for 15 minutes’.

“As they left I thanked them for being such good robbers by not hurting us…. ‘don’t kill people, it’s not necessary to kill people’ I told them”, said Garforth-Venter.

Randburg SAPS warrant-officer Johannes Maja said nobody was arrested.


About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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