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The website was launched just before May 2010 to record the criminal violence during the World Cup 2010 – because the ANC-regime had placed a publication-embargo on such news throughout the international football tournament. They now boast that ‘crime had dropped during the WC2010.’ Of course. Warning: any crime-pattern you may be detecting from these news-items are entirely figments of your own imagination. The ANC-regime describes all these events as ‘ordinary”. These are the latest reports up to December 6 2010…



Rothschild, Louis father of baby son, executed, Blairgowrie RandburgRothschild Louis murdered on sabbath Blairgowrie Randburg Aug72010

  • BLAIRGOWRIE, RANDBURG. Four black gunmen murdered an Jewish/English-speaking South African businessman, Mr.Louis Rothschild in his Blairgowrie, Randburg home,…… more
Mob kills couple accused of killing two children for WITCHCRAFT USE Pietermaritzburg
  • Mob kills witchcraft couple 2010-12-02 Mortuary workers collect the bodies of a couple who were burnt to death after being accused of witchcraft. Location: Snathing Edendale KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
Brothers attacked, assaulted, Port Elizabeth Dec 5 2010 NOTHING ROBBED
  • Brothers attacked in Port Elizabeth – nothing robbed Dec 5 2010 – Port Elizabeth – Warrant Officer Gerda Swart said a 32-year-old unnamed man was shot…… more

Du Toit, Gert 31 SAPS sgt shot dead by 15-member gang which included TWO BENT COPS – PICTURE

  • DU TOIT  Gert 31 SAPS sgt SHOT DEAD CHASING GANG AMONGST THEM TWO CROOKED COPS NASREC June 6 2010 MURDER SCENE NASREC JOHANNESBURG – SAPS sergeant Gert du Toit, 31, was shot dead when chasing a 15-member armed gang …… more

Cape Town Sweet Homes smallholdings: white owners lose land to 900 illegal squatters

  • ‎Elderly white couple forced to hand over their Sweet Homes smallholdings site near Cape Town to 900 illegal squatters 2010-12-06 CAPE TOWN. The municipality’s…… more
Troskie, Dr Jacobus, self-defence shooting, farm attack 3 May 2009 – TRIAL
  • Dr Jacobus Troskie shot dead farm attacker in gunfight, Halfkroondrif, Kroonstad Sunday 3 May 2009 – trial Johan Brits writes in Volksblad, KROONSTAD……. more

Westhuizen vander Ben, 81, arrested for murder in self-defence shooting after worker attacked the frail old man

  • Ben vd Westhuizen, 81, frail and ill, kept alive on respirator, was arrested for murder – he had shot dead his worker who had confronted and attacked him in the evening of Dec 2 2010 – Johan Brits reports in Volksblad…. more


  • Krige Jan Harmony miner executed Dec 42010 Kagiso township ALSO TORTUREDWHITES NOT WANTED IN KAGISO’ – In the same week when black township residents raised a violence-driven  campaign to keep poor Afrikaners from getting public housing, Harmony gold miner Jan Krige, 56, of Krugersdorp, was shot execution-style, and torture-marks were found on his body: his feet no longer had any soles. Kagiso 2010-12-06…… more

Rustenburg SAPS ‘abilities questioned’ – summary of cases

Rustenburg family saved from murder-gang by quick-thinking teenager

  • KILL BOER PROTEST AT JOBURG HIGH COURT NOV292010 Rustenburg: The Genocide that is Denied Fri 3 Dec 2010, 15:52 Magda Cracknell writes: “Earlier this week, the house of friends living on a smallholding…… more

Lomax, Juanita, 31, maths teacher, Krugersdorp technical HS, attacked by pupil head fails to disclipline

  • Lomax Juanita attacked HTS Diederichs WEG MET VROT APPELS Sondag story KRUGERSDORP – After teacher Juanita Lomax was assaulted by a pupil and then tried to cut her wrists in a desperate call for help this week it was discovered that she suffered from severe post-traumatic stress: she was the teacher who had held a dying pupil in her arms after the berserker “Slipknot” pupil had shot him and three others two years earlier at the Krugersdorp technical high school….. more

Smook, Lionel and Lyle, brothers with muscular dystrophy, illegally arrested, jailed with tough criminals by Brits SAPS

  • Two Afrikaans brothers who both suffer from muscular distrophy were illegally held in the Brits police cells for 24 hours – arrested illegally. Lionel…… more

Muller, Werner and Liebenberg, Marius Afrikaans artists/life partners beaten senseless by Club bouncer Cape Town Oct 30 2010

  • Muller Werner and lifepartner Marius Liebenberg Oct30 beaten savagely by CT Rasputin Club bouncer Artists ‘beaten senseless’ Dec 4, 2010 10:31 PM | By BIÉNNE HUISMAN Bouncer charged after altercation leaves couple needing brain, facial surgery TRIAL…… more


One bullet One white infant – threat to kill white babies VERY RELEVANT WITH RECENT BABY-MURDER

  • ANC_Culture_Of_Violence_DurbanPupilsTaughtExecutionGameDurbanMarinaOct172008 ONE BULLET – ONE WHITE INFANT – THREAT TO KILL WHITE BABIES BY BLACK RACISTS: PICTURE OF FACEBOOK THREATS: “Nceba Sodo wrote on Facebook May 25 2010…… more

Pieters, Andries, kicked into a coma by four Pakistani men, June 6 2009 after Hofmeyr concert brakpan

  • Pieters Andries kicked into coma June 6 2009 Brakpan by Pakistanis PICTURE – This little crime-victim is Keanu Pieters, 5, whose father Andries Pieters, Imperial Bank manager, was kicked into a coma by Pakistani citizens after a Steve Hofmeyr concert in Brakpan…… more

Two destitute Afrikaner men stabbed to death by bee swarm in Malmesbury

Agricultural land destroyed by huge squatter-camps and ANC ‘land reform’ – article Huisgenoot
  • AGRICULTURAL DESTRUCTION BY ANC REGIME CREATING MANMADE FAMINE SA HUISGENOOT Less than 12,000 of the original 85,000 commercial farmers who used to produce excess-food in 1994, now are left in South africa. And they now have access…… more

Afrikaner charities team up to help feed poor whites in Thabazimbi

  • Afrikaner charities team together to help poor whites in Thabazimbi 26 November 2010……. more

Nel, Kitty, 93, Afrikaner stroke-victim denied public hospital treatment BLOEMFONTEIN – PICTURE

  • Nel Kitty 93 Petrusburg resident dumped in hospital hallway after massive strokes 8Nov2010Volksblad November 8 2010 – ANC denies impoverished Afrikaners proper medical care at public hospitals: BLOEMFONTEIN NATIONAL HOSPITAL: Mrs Kitty Nel of Petrusburg,…… more

Afrikaner poor at Wesmoot Pretoria more than 2,360 on Volkshulp2000 feeding scheme – PICTURES

  • The Freedom Front plus’ charity now feeds 2,360+ destitute Afrikaners in the small Wes Moot suburb of Pretoria alone. It’s just the tip of the iceberg: one third of the Afrikaner nation now is destitute and homeless… although they also are the best-educated group in the country, they are denied access to the job market…… more



(with thanks to Boerboel)

Afrikaner Sheeple who still believe the ANC is not killing them deliberately

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