Afrikaans fuelstation owner executed – no robbery

Daleen Hennings, 51, Afrikaans co-owner of Excell fuelstation franchise, Boksburg North, shot dead – nothing robbed Dec 1 2010 

BOKSBURG – Beeld reports – Afrikaans fuel-station co-owner Mrs Daleen Hennings was shot dead execution style at the Excel petrol-station in Boksburg North on Dec 1 2010. Her distraught husband Louis said ‘they didn’t even grab her bag or her cellphone. They simply shot her dead’.

Hennings Daleen and Louis shot dead Boksburg North Excel fuelstation NOTHING ROBBED

The SAPS however are logging it as an ‘armed robbery’ on their statistics. SAPS captain Petros Mabuza claimed that “ three men had shot her when she would not let go of her handbag’ and that they then fled with it.”  However, an eye-witness at the scene told Beeld newspaper that ‘two boys attacked the woman and ran away into the squatter-camp across the fuel station after shooting her dead’.  Her husband confirmed that nothing was robbed.


Beeld journalist André Damons writes that the couple run the Excel station franchise in Hoofrif Road, Boksburg which is located across from a large squatter camp. Hennings said his wife was enroute to the post office to pick up their car-licences when she was shot dead. He heard the news when he was inside the bank.  She was attacked in broad daylight at 10:30 while she was walking to her car.

“She would have celebrated her birthday on December 28. Our first grandson was recently born and my other son’s wife is due to have her baby in February. Now the babies must grow up without their grandmother.”

“The ANC claims that this is a ‘free country’ however it’s only ‘free for criminals because they can do exactly as they please. Ordinary citizens always have to look over their shoulders.’

About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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