ANC wants court to approve genocidal song SHOOT THE BOER…

ANC will hear early next year whether their hatespeech-song KILL/SHOOT THE BOER will remain banned…

Afrikaners protest against KILL BOER slogan application by ANC JoburgHighCourtNov292010

2010-11-29  Afrikaans singer Sunette Bridges (above-left)  and other protestors protested the ruling ANC’s genocidal hatesong KILL/SHOOT THE BOER outside the Johannesburg High Court while South Africa’s ruling party applied inside for the re-legalisation of their genocidal hatespeech song SHOOT THE BOER which was banned earlier this year. The Afrikaans human-rights protestors tore up the SA Constitution and wore T-shirts with the faces of world leaders such as Germany’s Angela Merkel with the words “Kill the Boer, Germany don’t care’; Obama’s face with the words “Yes we can kill the Afrikaner’, the UK Queen ‘s face with the words “I love Afrikaner Genocide’’ and others.


The ANC will only hear early next year whether their application will succeed. Judge Leon Halgryn argued during the application yesterday that he still feels strongly that the ANC’s public singing of the words “Shoot the Boer’ (Dubulíbhunu) is an incitement to genocide and is hatespeech. “It is my opinion that the words ‘Shoot the Boer’ are inciting. It’s a crime.’

He cross-questioned the ANC’s legal counsel Advocate Gilbert Marcus about the appropriateness of still singing this song in the present time. “I realised that the song did form a part of the proud history of the ANC but good heavens is there really stilll an appropriate place for it today?”, he asked.

He will only deliver judgment early next year whether leave to appeal will be granted to the ANC. The ANC had lodged yesterday’s application because, they claimed, judge Halgryn ‘had not taken the historical context of the song into consideration in his ruling’.

ANC demands the right to sing parts of the genocidal song “because tens of thousands of people sing it…’ and ‘it’s not in the public interest to prohibit the song in its entirety…’

  • Marcus submitted that it was ‘not in the public interest to prohibit the song in its entirety because it is being sung by tens of thousands of people…’

Legal counsel for the civil-rights movement Afriforum, which earlier had also lodged a seperate criminal complaint of hatespeech against ANC-youth leader Malema for singing the song after it was legally banned, were also present — as were Delmas businessman Willem Harmse and Mohammed Vawda, who were also involved in a seperate interdict in which Harmse had tried to stop his business-partner Vawda from using the words on a placard. The two men have since then come to an ameniable agreement about the matter.

Pro-Afrikaans-Action group members also demonstrated outside the court on the steps, headed by leader Dr Dan Roodt. They tore up copies of the SA Constitution saying that ‘this Constitution provides us Afrikaners no protection. If you say ‘kill the Boer’ it’s an incitement to genocide’. Roodt said they wore their protest tshirts with the photos of world-leaders on them ‘to create international awareness with’.




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Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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