ANC-regime created 2,700 squatter camps…

South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress, has for years been bragging how they would build a million houses for poor black families within five years of taking over hegemony in 1994… Their propaganda constantly hammers away with a constant stream of lies claiming that  ‘apartheid destroyed the country; that blacks were robbed of their land and houses, and robbed of their ‘wealth and jobs’.  However nothing could be farther from the truth. Today’s reality is that this ‘liberation movement’ was given an economically-powerful, first-world country on the African continent on a silver platter. And then proceeded to destroy it in no time at all… 


1970s South Africavideo of downtown Johannesburg (and some of Cape Town):


However the ANC’s propaganda-machine still continues to claim that it’s all “apartheid’s fault” and that the poverty in the CBD’s slums in particularly, are ‘the fault of absentee white owners who fled the country’… 

  • By 2009, more than 1,000 of these high-income buildings in downtown Johannesburg were already ‘hijacked’ and overrun by black squatters. In 2010, the city announced a major overhaul of its security plans with massive roadblocks to try to keep the violence-driven crime in its CBD to reasonable levels while their city officials continue to fight running battles to try and evict tens of thousands of squatters from the city-centre’s once so lucrative, working-class high-rise housing blocks… 

Johannesburg’s hospitals, clinics will ‘work closely’ with witch-doctors:

Johannesburg’s third-world slum status was also confirmed by the city’s health department decision in November 2010 that its clinics and hospitals would ‘ work in much closer cooperation ‘  with the many thousands of black traditional healers“who possess knowledge that western medicine does not have; together we can defeat diseases,” claimed the mayor’s health advisory committee member Bengeza Mthombeni.



Example below of 2010 propaganda blurb about downtown Johannesburg’s slums – blame it on ‘white absentee landlords’ … and of course all the whites lived in huge houses with swimming pools…


Durban CBD: after less than 2 decades under ANC-rule:


Carlton Hotel and business complex

Von Wielligh Street Johannesburg:

Port Elizabeth CBD :

Pretoria Union Buildingsthe SA police has fought running battles with armed soldiers: the ANC-propaganda blames ‘the recession’…


However this is what the constant stream of ANC-propaganda today is still promising they will do: build one million houses for poor black familiescreate 300,000 to 500,000 non-farm jobs a year (current unemployment stands at more than 50%); redistribute 30 percent of agricultural land to poor black families (tens of thousands of these farms now are empty, unused and they have to import 90% of their wheat…); provide clean drinking water  and sanitation for 21 million people; supply free electricity and free water to 19,000 black schools;  4,000 clinics, and two thirds of all the township homes; build a massive new electricity and telephone network; make all schooling compulsory within ten years; and reduce class-sizes to no more than 40 by the year 2000…

SQUATTER CAMPS IN SA_THERE WERE 260 IN 1994 AND 2900 BY 2010... One-thousand percent more squatter camps in SA than in 1994…

So what happened to all these promises? The ANC’s elitist minister of housing Tokyo Sexwale,  speaking at a parliamentary committee this week,  sounded just like any white apartheid-era government minister when he whinedthat the 260 squatter camps they “inherited from 1994” – now  have now mushroomed to 2,700 squatter camps countrywide: a staggering one-thousand percent+ increase: and that these are housing many tens-of-millions of extremely poor, uneducated, unemployed blacks from many African countries: this is a ticking socio-economic time-bomb…caused directly by the ANC-laws…

‘ Highrises in central business districts of major towns overrun by squatters’:

The ANC-minister whinged that illegal black migrants were ‘plundering preferential land-sites, erecting squatter huts, slums and ghettos’. Sexwale noted that since 1994, some 2,700 squatter camps were built (which can house up to 50,000 people each) and moreover, most of the country’s income-generating central business districts have become filthy slums where even the most beautiful highrise buildings and luxury hotels were taken over by many tens of thousands of squatters.

He whinged that illegal migrants were ‘plundering preferential land-sites, erecting squatter huts, slums and ghettos’.
“They know that after squatting 48 hours, the government is forced by law to provide free basic services at a huge cost to the taxpayers – free water, free electricity  and free toilet facilities for which we had never planned’.

Keeping in mind that the country only has 4,5-million taxpayers – of whom 1,5-million are government officials – it’s obvious that this situation cannot continue. He admitted this, telling the parliamentary housing committee that ‘the tidal wave of people streaming to our cities and land will be difficult to stop.’

  • Unless, of course, they close the borders at once. But he didn’t suggest that: instead he urged the courts to ‘stop taking decisions which protect the squatters. However it’s the ANC’s own fault: under Mbeki’s regime, the ANC itself threw open the borders to all its neighbours – and at the same time also created laws which protect these squatters.

More than 5-million economically-deprived black Africans with low educational levels have already  arrived since 1994 from other African countries because they also know about this law: namely that after squatting 48 hours on any property they have the right to free municipal services.

About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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