Witwater poachers caught on camera…

WITWATER/INKWE, Limpopo –  Nov 21 2010  – Gerd writes on Eblockwatch “I intercepted about six poachers on my farm Halali, next to Witwater game reserve and Inkwe. Since then I have managed to get a photo of one poacher, unfortunately only from behind, and another photo of seven dogs, quite easily identifiable, including border collies….

After the initial interception I paid the neighboring labourers a visit to warn them that they were trespassing. One guy, Lucas (I forget his surname, but he has his name up outside his house) stood out amongst all. Firstly because his shoe-soles matched those that we were tracking and secondly because of his cocky attitude (admitting that he ‘hunts with his dogs on his/his boss’s property’). I am sure these are the same guys that have broken into Marietta Du Plessis’s house on the farm Voorwaarts on numerous occasions.”Witwater Game Reserve POACHER CAUGHT ON CAMERA NOV202010 EBLOCKWATCH GERD

Gerd writes: “This guy (I photographed above)  lives on a piece of land next to Voëlvlei across from Witwater. Actually a few families live on this land, I don’t know to whom this land belongs but the men on this land don’t seem to have a job or are not supervised. I  know they are active in the area, and sooner or later I will catch them, but maybe they are also involved in bigger things, like Rhino…. Gerd www.eblockwatch.co.za

 Voëlvlei Dam residents involved in wildlife poaching?


About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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