Truth is the first casualty – Helen Zille

News media ‘s slanted reports about ‘service-delivery protests’… ‘truth is the first casualty…’

Helen Zille, leader of the Democratic Alliance opposition party in South Africa, writes:

“Anyone who follows the news will have read and heard about the recent series of ‘service delivery protests’ around the country, including in the Western Cape. Most casual observers believe these protests signal a groundswell of dissatisfaction with ‘service delivery’– because that is how they have been reported in the press.

‘Sometimes this is true,” the former journalist for the Rand Daily Mail reports… “But sometimes it isn’t: … Last week, three vehicles were burnt during a so-called ‘service delivery’ protest in Khayelitsha. Ironically, each of these vehicles was busy delivering a service to the community.”

Khayelitsha school bus stoned truck torched Nov 13 2010 LEILA SAMODIEN STORY

“One was delivering matric exam scripts to the marking centre. Another was fetching disabled people. A third was transporting children to a camp for abused children. The fourth vehicle escaped the blaze, but was stoned. It was an ambulance responding to an emergency call in the community… ‘

“In the TV footage of these protests, further evidence of service delivery to the area was abundantly clear: tarred roads, storm water systems, overhead electricity wires, refuse bags awaiting collection. And in Khayelitsha’s TR section (from which most of the protestors allegedly came)( construction workers were being prevented from going onto site to build houses the people were supposedly demanding. … Read more on:


About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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