reports 2010-11-12

Latest reports on violent attacks targetting whites in SA as logged on FARMITRACKER.COM:

CRIME VIOLENCE CRUELTY IN SA REPORT CSVR South Africa is one of the most dangerously violent places on the planet now: report: 


Sotyu Maggie deputy SAPS minister WHITES PUNISHED TOO LIGHTLY SHE SAYS NOV92010 Whites punished too lightly for crimes – rants brand-new depy-police minister Maggie Sotyu  – outside parliament………


McGregor Robin, murdered publisher, trial murderers WestCapeHighCourtMcGregor Robin, publisher WHO OWNS WHOM killed in Tulbagh home

Publisher Robin McGregor killed Aug 12 2008 – trial 10 Nov 2010 Socks at THE Tulbagh crime-scene……


CWELE Sherley wife of police minister Siyabonga Cwele Cwele, Sheryl, ANC security minister wife, lured Afrikaans girl as ‘drug mule’ – trial

Security Minister’s wife Sheryl Cwele recruited my daughter as drug mule” – Afrikaans mom: A courageous Afrikaner mom, Mrs Marie Swanepoel, stood up……


PELONOMI HOSPITAL GANG RAPE DOCTOR THREE SUSPECTS BLOEM COURT NOV102010Paediatrician raped at Pelonomi Hospital Bloemfontein by three black males – protests

Furious medics, doctors from 3 hospitals demonstrate against gang-rape of Pelonomi Hospital paediatrician in Bloemfontein – oppose bail to three illegal Lesotho migrants –  2010-11-10


264 fertile Free State farms lay unused – yet ANC-regime still confiscates more white-owned land

264 fertile maize farms in the Free State are failures: lying unused and empty — but the ANC still keeps on confiscating commercial land…


Conradie Niek 64 survives daylight attack 3 blacks Kroonstad city centre

2010-11-09 Niek Conradie, 64, survives day-light attack by three gangsters, Kroonstad city centre A black armed gang assaulted an elderly, unarmed Afrikaner……


Afrikaner boer hanged in bathroom by his killersShoot the Boer hatespeech chant must not be unbanned – white farmers are being wiped out – Report by the Times of London –

Shoot the Boer song must not be unbanned white farmers are ‘being wiped out:


VanDerVyver_Fred_FalselyAccusedKillingIngeLotzSuingPOLICE MINISTER Lotz Inge Stellenbosch Student murdered June 2005 sensational murder trial VdVyver acquitted Lotz, Inge, Stellenbosch student murdered – Police Minister sued for false arrest of boyfriend Fred vd Vyver

Dutch fingerprint expert Arie Zeelenberg to testify in high-profile SA murder case –  CAPE HIGH COURT, CAPE TOWN, South Africa. Her boyfriend Fred van der Vyver was found not guilty of her murder and now is suing the SA Police Minister over the botched murder-investigation –  claiming he was charged on the basis on false evidence by police investigators……


Benade Hennie and Ann assaulted Honingnestkrans Pta YOU WHITE DOG Nov112010Benade, Hennie Pretoria Honingnestkrans AH-r gunbarrel in mouth cursed as WHITE DOG by black attackers

2010-10-10 Pretoria smallholder Honingnestkrans north of Onderstepoort Nature Reserve – Hennie Benadé, attacked by 3 black men,……


Steyn Barend 73 Bloemspruit smallholdings murdered Nov5 2010Steyn, Barend 73 farmer murdered Bloemspruit AH, Bloemfontein Nov 7 2010

2010-11-07 Barend Steyn, 73, ex-railway worker and farmer, murdered on Bloemspruit smallholding FS Bloemfontein – A blood-stained sock, a pillow…..


ANC youth league secretaru gemera; Vuyiswa Tulelo supports North KoreaANC youth league supports North Korea unapologetically, it says

“We unapologetically support North Korea” – ANC youth league spokesman Floyd Shivambu on the eve of the G20 financial summit in South Korea… * South……




About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

2 Responses to reports 2010-11-12

  1. Sherodeen Pretorius says:

    We also live and farm in Honingnestkranz. The black township (Soshanguve) is just over 5km from where we stay and an army base is 4km up the road from us.Theft, violent attacks, hijacking and especially cattle theft is rife in our area. We are quite used to sleeping in ‘shifts’ and make it our utmost priority to guard our property and protect ourselves. Even our youngest daughter is(still at school) is fully trained in riflehandling.Here, “kill the boer” is nòt just for the taking.

  2. I am devastated to read how you and your family now have to live in such permanent siege conditions – and the great courage you are showing in resisting. Good luck to you and your family. Please don’t hesitate to write me at if you want to communicate it about it directly (without getting it published).

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