Horrific trauma injuries in violent SA – pictures

 Victims of violence in South Africa – some of the ‘publishable’ pictures

Below is Nelson Albarran, who was gunned down in the street on 26 April 2006 by gunmen who had followed him from the bank to his workplace. He was shot three times, the first grazing his head; the second and third bullets entering his abdomen.. After 76 days in ICU with many complications he was discharged and readmitted on 30 November 2006 for reconstructive surgery. Nelson Albarran is one on the lucky ones that could put up pictures of recovery at the Milpark Trauma ICU-OR. source:

Albarran Nelson SA crime victim survivor Milpark Trauma ICU April262006

BELOW: Victims of Crime that were treated at MilPark OR Trauma ICU – Mr David Fourie was shot in the line of duty on 15 Feb 1999 and remained in ICU until 2 April 1999L he had his left-kidney, spleen, part of his pancreas removed with various other damage to his stomach. Given 44 units of bloods, David Fourie survived. source: cracknell_magda@yahoo.com

Fourie David survived 15Feb1999 SAPS officer shot Milpark ICU treatment

29/9/10 Afrikaner youths attacked in Bloemfontein by 5 cops in SAPS vehicle white Volkswagen Polo, with registration number DSR213FS. “They flashed their lights at us – We thought they were trying to hijack us and tried to drive away, and in the chase lost control and crashed against a tree. When Renier and I got out of the car, five police officers, four men and a woman climbed out of the Polo immediately began kicking and hitting us… “ Victims: Afrikaner youths Reino Myburgh and Reinier van der Walt. http://www.volksblad.com/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/Nagmerrie-in-Bfn-strate-20101030 

Myburgh Ryno and VanderWalt Reinier assaulted by SAPS Bloemfontein 2010929

Brink Prof Andries ex-dean of health faculty Stellenbosch wife Rusty attacked Sept252010

 Bronkhorst Chris disabled Walkerville man tortured melt plastic and sjambok Sept292010 4 blacks

Cloete Rita PIC and sister Lida Prinsloo hijacked Oct282010 SPRINGS

AfrikaansYouthConcussedRacistBeatingWELKOM_HS_Sept212010 B

WATCH THE VIDEO ON http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esGx9I-n3EE


Brink Francina 85 attacked by 3 uniformed robbers Sept162010

Coomber Jackie Attack TransMagalies Caravan Park BRITS Nov22010

Cowan Renske 75 beaten by attacker Oct212010 Primrose Germiston

DuToit murdered woman friend Mickey Coetzee who was also brutally beaten in the face Sept232010

Kruger Marzanne 1 brutally bashed by 3 Mozambiquans 22 April 2010 recovering sight

Myburgh Anna Jacoba 65 after her rescue from kidnap shooting 18Feb2010

Ratte and 9 other Afrikaners spat at Witbank court by muslim Oct 11 2010

MELTED PLASTIC TORTURE IS OFTEN APPLIED TO ATTACK VICTIMS: TORTURE during SA violent crime white victims often burnt with melting plastic


many more pictures on Face book album “Genocide of the White minority in South Africa – did you know?” 


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Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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