Dutch anti-apartheid campaigner shoots dead black attacker


2010-10-29 Wife of Dutch anti-apartheid campaigner Jan Ditmars, 59, shoots dead black attacker during Boschkop smallholding gunfight

Oct 29 2010 – As was only reported several days later, Dutch anti-apartheid campaigner Jan Ditmars’ wife Madi, 50, was injured in the shoulder and one of their four black attackers’ bodies was found 300 meters away from the Boschkop smallholding after a shootout on Friday-night. She fired ‘numerous shots’. Beeld newspaper.

 Ditmars Jan and Madi She shot dead gunman Oct 312010 Boschkop AH Dutch_antiapartheid_campaigners Her husband Jan Ditmars – who emigrated to South Africa in 1994 to ‘help rebuild the country’ after he ‘d helped the ANC with the election campaign —  hastened to reassure  the news media that the armed attack by at least four black men wasn’t race-related at all —  it was ‘purely a robbery, ‘he said.

However nothing was robbed from the Ditmars farmlet. “In a way the robbery can be justified due to the inequality and poverty in the country. That’s one reason for crime in South Africa, I believe,” he said. However, he nearly lost his wife in the shootout, which was launched by a black male gang from about 19:15 on Friday night purportedly in the Dutch couple’s livingroom/office. Mrs Ditmars had gone outside to set the alarm so that it was activated at the outside doors, but not inside the house, her husband said.  The ‘robber gang’ must have been watching their homestead, because she was grabbed by the four-member gang while she was fiddling with the alarm and marched back inside their homestead at gunpoint.

“Then my wife shot him… many times’

Ditmars was working on his computer when he heard their voices and saw the gang walk in with his wife. “I started struggling with one of the robbers to distract them to allow my wife to fetch her gun. She asked one of the robbers whether his gun was even loaded- at which point he fired a shot into the ceiling. Then my wife shot him. Many times. He shot back and tried to take her gun away from her. It was like the Wild West,’ said the anti-apartheid activist. “My wife was shot in the process.”

  • Despite his protestations that it was ‘purely a robbery’ however, the gang fled without robbing anything.

Mr Ditmars alerted the local policing-community forum who contacted the SAPS and the emergency services. She was admitted in stable condition to a hospital. Mysteriously – the SAPS found one attacker’s body 300m away from their homestead. “We are not proud that someone has died. Many will say that it’s a good thing that the man was shot dead  but that was neither our feeling nor our intent. We grieve that someone had to die,’ said Ditmars. There has been no comment from the SAPS. http://www.beeld.com/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/Vrou-skiet-rower-dood-20101031

sources: Jan Ditmars hails from Heiloo in The Netherlands. He wrote on 18 april 2007 -“ Jan Ditmars, die nu in Pretoria, Zuid-Afrika woont, schrijft: “Tegenover Relk en de uitgang van de van Aostastraat, komende vanaf Pantekoek (electronica/appliances op de hoek van de van Doornestraat en van Aostastraat) was ook nog de “ijzerwinkel” (tegenwoordig doe-het-zelf) van Huib en Rie Koel. Ik woonde zelf van 1951 tot en met 1968 op de Stationsweg 15. Mijn moeder was inval-onderwijzeres op de Vondelschool, Nicolaas Beetsschool en Hazebroekschool.
Komende van de Kennemerstraatweg richting station was aan de rechterkant op de hoek de winkel en bakkerij van Van Velzen. Op de andere hoek was de sigarenwinkel van Jaap en Agaat Masclé. Ik denk dat er nu een fietsenwinkel van Hoebe is, maar toen ik er woonde was daarnaast een kruidenier Wagenaar, later Dick Groot. Mijn broer (Joost) en ik werden altijd om boodschappen gestuurd die dan werden “opgeschreven”. Op zaterdag ging mijn moeder dan betalen. Bakker Jonker kwam dagelijks met zijn houten bakfiets en als wij dan “geholpen” hadden dan kregen we een kadetje. Aan de rechterkant woonde Jan Beets de melkboer, en naast ons de aannemer Kops. In datzelfde stuk tussen straatweg en Bredelaan woonden ook de fam. Zonneveld (7), Molenaar (9), Wagenaar, “Boer” Zwart, de Bruin, Haanraads, Meiman, Niek van der Molen (transportbedrijf), Admiraal, Kops (13), Dunnebier (17), Vennik (19) (de zoon Nico woont nu nog in de Schuine Hondsbosselaan), Brand (21), de Groot (23), Koevoets (25), en Hoetjes. (Dit is niet volledig). Mijn moeder is nog in leven en woont in Santpoort. Zij is 94 jaar”.
h ttp://www3.telus.net/fspeur/Buisman


Albertus de Jong, 66, Dutch citizen, slaughtered with hatchet at Perdefontein smallholdings, Wallmansthal, Pretoria-North Oct 23 2010

WALLMANSTHAL, Kameeldrift, Zuid-Afrika. The two dogs of murdered Dutch immigrant Albertus de Jong, 66, guarded his body for three days after the elderly Dutchman was slaughtered with a hatchet on his smallholding near Pretoria north. He had no family in SA and emigrated during the eighties, his friends said. SA police have asked the Dutch news media to publish his picture in an attempt to trace his family members. Thus far none appear to have done so.

DeJong Albertus 66 Nederlands Emigrant met bijl afgeslacht Oct252010 hond houdt wacht bij lijk

The murder of De Jong brings the total of murdered white farmers/smallholders to 3,739 deaths since 1994. View list of names: http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com/2010/10/farm-murder-death-list-1994-2010.html

Virginia Keppler of Beeld daily in Pretoria wrote that the attacker(s?) had thrown his body underneath some tall plants just inside the front-gate of his smallholding. His weeping friend – too scared to have her name published – told Keppler that she found one of his old dogs guarding his body and the other one guarding the front door. She and two other friends had gone to the smallholding on Monday after he had failed to show up for his weekly Sunday-dinner at her home in Pretoria, she said.

“I phoned him but received no reply. I’d still spoken to him on Thursday.’ She took the old, faithful dogs to a vet to be euthanised. “I’m sure Albertus would not have wanted them to be cared by anyone else. They were always with him,’ she said.

SAPS constable Portia Maleka said the Dutch immigrant’s ‘stolen’ farm-vehicle (‘bakkie”) was found abandoned in the black township Mamelodi near Pretoria. Investigating officers can be reached at the Kameeldrift-police station, tel.00128081215  .http://www.beeld.com/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/Honde-wag-by-lyk-na-moord-20101025


Case of ANC youth league’s genocidal hatespeech chant “Shoot the Boer’ goes to High Court:

The  legal complaint against the genocidal-hatesong”shoot the Boer”  – heard in a closed court yesterday against African National Congress Youth League president Julius Malema —  was transferred to the High Court in Johannesburg on Monday. It had initially been scheduled to take place at the Equality Court. Complainant civil rights movement Afriforum ‘s spokesman Spies said after talks with the ANC it decided to withdraw its case against the ruling party – but it would proceed against the party’s youth league. The league spokesman Floyd Shivambu responded by calling Afriforum a “group of racist children who are crazy”.

  • We had fruitful discussions with the ANC,” said Spies. “But with youth league leader Julius Malema, there seems to be no attempt or wish from his side to admit that his actions offended some people.” The hate speech hearing about the singing of the words “dubul’ ibhunu”, (shoot the boer) in the ANC-song, “Ayesaba Amagwala”, was scheduled for 2pm. At the last hearing in September, Judge Colin Lamont adjourned it to ‘give the parties time to resolve the dispute”. 

    Afriforum laid the complaint after Malema first sang the genocidal hate-speech song, which calls for the killing of all whites ( “Boers”), at the University of Johannesburg in mid-March. It caused an outcry. He continued singing it and inciting public events in Rustenburg in North West, in East London in the Eastern Cape and Pietersburg/Polokwane in Limpopo. “We got the idea that he was quite enjoying the attention,” said Spies.

    In April, just days before Ventersdorp farmer/leader of the Afrikaner Defence Movement (AWB) Eugene Terre’blanche was murdered – dismembered by all accounts — Afriforum had already been granted an interdict against the singing of the song in the High Court in Pretoria which had ruled it racist and an incitement to ‘kill an entire specific minority group in South Africa, namely the white Afrikaans-speakers”. http://www.polity.org.za/article/shoot-the-boer-case-goes-to-high-court-2010-11-01 


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