Afrikaans pensioner brutally beaten in Germiston

2010-10-28 – 75-year old Afrikaner pensioner Mrs Renske Cowan, 75 ,suffered a broken nose, extensive bruising to her face and an injured throat when an armed attacker assaulted her after breaking into her daughter’s humble dwelling in Primrose, Germiston while she was home alone, watching TV. The old woman was tied to a chair, beaten up and, throttled – and now can only sip liquid food through a straw. No-one was arrested of course.

Cowan Renske 75 beaten by attacker Oct212010 Primrose Germiston Wolfram Zwecker of Beeld newspaper, who interviewed the traumatised woman a week after her ordeal, describes the fear she felt: “The entire time I just kept on thinking; don’t rape me because then I will kill myself…’ The attacker – who tore the security door off to get inside – dragged her through the house after beating her with a telephone, and tied her to a chair. The man searched the house for jewellery but the working-class family had very few things of value. He eventually left with the little bit of cash from her purse, a dvd-player and a computer monitor screen.  The old lady managed to get loose from her bonds and sought help at her neighbour Mrs Hetta Barnard’s home. They called the police and the ambulance. ”  The headline-writers of Beeld thought up the following moronic headline: “Elder’s fears: just don’t rape’

About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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