14,5m South Africans facing hunger

FoodBank South Africa charity warned Sunday that some  20 percent of the country’s entire population goes hungry on a daily basis. They claim there’s ‘enough food in the country’ but that not everybody can afford it.

The ANC-regime now hands out support-grants and food-aid to some 6-million disadvantaged  black South African families at the moment – but deny this help to Afrikaner whites who are growing increasingly destitute because of the government’s black-economic empowerment laws. FoodBank South Africa  has recently also been setting up large-scale feeding centres.

Are they also going to feed impoverished whites?

There also are some 800,000 impoverished whites who are even worse off than those black recipients however:  living in dismal conditions in some 460 squatter camps countrywide, whites are denied the majority of government benefits including government food-stamps because they belong to the ‘previously advantaged race group’ as defined under the regime’s black-economic-empowerment laws.

Saturday was World Food Day and several countries around the globe joined the cause to alleviate world hunger. FoodBank South Africa said while marking this occasion, that according to a further unspecified survey, ‘nearly 14.5-million South Africans are vulnerable to food insecurity” – which is their official-speak for these people being too poor to afford food which is offered for sale in the shops.

  • However, said FoodBank’s Chris Bruwer, ‘the average citizen is not aware of these facts: the reality is that South Africa has enough food to feed everybody but not everybody has access to the food. That then results in 14.5 million people being vulnerable,” he said. http://www.foodbank.org.za/contact-national-office

We have sent Foodbank the following enquiry in regards to the above:

Email: info@foodbank.org.za

“Is s FoodBank South Africa also helping to feed the 800,000 impoverished and homeless Afrikaners who live in some 460 little camps countrywide and are mostly being kept alive through the efforts of Solidarity trade union’s Helpende Hand Organisation?

I’m just checking your official policy –  before I decide to send you a donation.  Helpende Hand recently sent an urgent letter to Pres Jacob Zuma detailing the problems they encounter with regards to government-officials refusing help to these impoverished and homeless people – who have become this poor only because of the government’s BEE-laws.


Background on FoodBank South Africa:

Board of Members

Elinor de la Forge

Carol Dixon

Alan Gilbertson

Mark Gläser

Tom Gläser

Lions Club

William Mzimba (chairman)

Peter Pretorius

Rotary Club represented by Hennie de Bruin

Minister of Social Development Edna Molewa

Roddy Sparks

Board of Directors

“The Directors are accountable for the strategy, direction and operational success of FoodBank South Africa. Except for the Managing and Executive Directors, all Directors contribute their time on a voluntary (but not necessarily unpaid?) basis:”

Jeroen de Lijster (managing director) (contact details) “Jeroen de Lijster has experience in both the food industry and in developing a small business as founder and MD. He has an honours degree in international business economics from the College of Utrecht in the Netherlands and an MBA from the University of Cape Town.”

Leah Abramsohn

Nico Dekker

Matthew Ferrey

Alan Gilbertson

Milla McLachlan

Nicky Moses

William Mzimba (chairman)

Steve Rowlands

Musa Shabane

Crispin Sonn

Phuti Tsukuduhttp://www.foodbank.org.za/who-we-are/governance

About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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