ANC-regime rotten to its core

“Security Minister’s wife Sheryl Cwele recruited my daughter as drug mule” – Afrikaans mom:

A courageous Afrikaner mom, Mrs Marie Swanepoel, stood up in the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Wednesday October 13, 2010 and accused Sheryl Cwele –  wife of the Minister of Intelligence and Security Siyabonga Cwele –  of drawing her ‘unemployable’ daughter Tessa Beetge into drug-running; R10,6-billion ‘missing’ at SA Agency for Social Welfare; defrauding, suspended Brits manager Philemon Mapulane still paid R100,000 a month for sitting on his duff at home… Conclusion: the ANC regime is rotten to its very core…


CWELE Sherley wife of police minister Siyabonga Cwele PIETERMARITZBURG (Sapa) – Sheryl Cwele, wife of Intelligence/Security Minister Siyabonga Cwele, recruited Afrikaans woman Tessa Beetge as a drug-mule,’ according to testimony by Beetge’s mother Marie Swanepoel at the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Oct 13 2010. Sheryl Cwele and a Nigerian Frank Nabolisa are co-accused in the trial.’

Swanepoel Marie mom of Tessa Beetge testifies in drugs-trial of Sheryl Cwele wife intelligence Mnister

Mrs. Swanepoel, above  in this Mail & Guardian picture, told the Pietermaritzburg High Court that her former neighbour Mrs Sheryl Cwele had personally assured her and her husband that daughter Tessa Beetge, would be safe overseas. “After Sheryl put my husband’s and my mind at rest, we agreed. We didn’t suspect anything. We were happy Tessa was going overseas. It would be her first trip. She looked at it as a way of seeing the world. It was a trip that neither her mum nor dad had been on.”  Another State-witness, Charmaine Moss, also is expected to testify to having a similar experience.

The court heard that Cwele had organised an overseas job for her which would see her getting free travel, free accommodation, free clothing and 1,000 British Pounds. Mrs Swanepoel said that during a meeting at Cwele’s office at the Hibiscus Coast Municipality in Uvongo, her daughter had been told she would do “administrative work” in London. Mrs Cwele allegedly told the daughter and the mother — Beetge and Swanepoel — that she “had decided to organise the job for Beetge because she (Sheryl) was tired of travelling overseas.” The Minister’s wife had allegedly given Beetge R500 for an air ticket from Durban International Airport to Johannesburg. Beetge had been picked up at the Johannesburg international airport by Nabolisa and his wife, only identified as Nomsa, before she left the country, the court heard. “She was very excited. It was her first trip out of the country. She took it as an opportunity to see the world.”

Tessa Beetge left the country on May 20, 2008.”When she left South Africa she landed in JF Kennedy Airport and she moved on to Peru,” she said. Swanepoel said her daughter had contacted her after her arrest in Brazil. It was not revealed in court how she ended up in Brazil. Beetge was supposed to come back on June 4, 2008, but she did not because “she was always told the planes were full”, said Swanepoel. “She told me that she was getting different excuses.”

The State alleged that Cwele and Nabolisa conspired to recruit two white SA women – Charmaine Moss and Beetge — as drug mules. Beetge is currently serving an eight-year jail sentence in Sao Paulo, Brazil, after 10kg of raw cocaine was found in her luggage. Cwele and Nabolisa were arrested in January this year and face three charges –dealing or conspiring to deal in drugs; procuring Moss to collect drugs in Turkey; and procuring Beetge to smuggle 10kg of cocaine from South America.

Cwele was granted R100,000 bail on February 5. Nabolisa was denied bail because the court considered him a flight risk. Swanepoel told the court she had “decided to take the story about her daughter’s arrest to the Sunday Times after she got no joy from the now defunct Scorpions nor the police.” She said she had reported her daughter’s arrest to police in Cape Town because she felt she would not get the necessary assistance in Margate “ as the police there knew Cwele”. When Swanepoel learnt her daughter was arrested, she contacted Cwele who promised that the Brazilian embassy would contact Swanepoel. “The Brazilian embassy did not contact me. Cwele said she did not know Frank. She also said she did not know that my daughter was in Peru.”

During cross-examination, Cwele’s counsel Mvuseni Ngubane instead alleges that he’d been told the reason Beetge said she was going overseas was because her mother, Swanepoel, did not want her to work in Johannesburg.”She said she would not take up the job in Johannesburg because you did not allow her to work in Johannesburg. That is why they [Cwele and Beetge] hatched a plan to deceive you,” said Ngubane. He said Cwele, who was Beetge’s neighbour in 2002, organised a job for Beetge because she had complained of “ struggling to find work* ”. Ngubane said Cwele had spoken to Nabolisa about giving Beetge a job “as he was looking for white people to market his business to the white community”.  

Important State Witness Charmaine Moss suddenly takes ill:


* Whites – even well-educated young Afrikaners such as Tessa Beetge — are unemployable in SA, barred from the labour market in SA by the ANC’s Nurenberg-style Black-economic-empowerment laws:


Minister admits: 1,265 more inquest dockets opened in 2009 than the claimed 31,265 murders… 

Increase of 1,801 Inquest Dockets since 2007/2008 despite “decline” in number of murders:”



2716. Mrs D A Schäfer (DA) asked the Minister of Police: (1) How many inquest dockets have been opened in each of the past three financial years;

  • (2)(a) what is the average length of time taken for police to determine whether or not a death was as a result of a criminal act and (b) how many deaths (i) in the 2009-10 financial year and (ii) during the period 1 April 2010 up to the latest specified date for which information is available are awaiting determination of whether or not they are murder? NW3385E


  • (1) 2007/2008 = 29 464
  • 2008/2009 = 30 558
  • 2009/2010 = 31 265

(2)” In order to determine the average length of time whether or not a death was as a result of a criminal act, would require an in-depth research into this process. The current procedure is that each case is viewed independently and according to its specific particularities. This depends on available evidence and external role players in determining the cause of death.”Reply to question 2716 approved by MINISTER Issued by Parliament, October 13 2010 Read more »


10,6-BILLION Rand ‘missing’ at Social Security Agency in 2009

2010-10-13 Cape Town. R10,6-billion’s worth of benefit payouts administered by the ‘independent’  SA Agency for Social Security on behalf of the department with the same name, are ‘missing’. Senior manager Abrie Adendorff at the auditor-general ‘s office made this known in its annual 2009 report – which gave SASSA negative marks – a ‘negative audit”  ingovernment-speak-  mainly for its mismanagement of money.

The AG was unable to find any back-up documents for R10,6-billion in benefit payments and thus do not know who the recipients of these payouts actually were. Adendorf said the department has been ‘engaged for quite a while to investigate the extent of corruption and fraud in the granting of social-welfare payouts. Officials from municipalities and private companies must also be investigated, he said, ‘as they could also be receiving such benefits’. He asked the cooperation of the SA Revenue Service to ‘address this maladministration’.  He said however that the government department which administers the Agency seems to be run without any hitches. “The department has to suffer for SASSA’s sins,’ he said.

Defrauding, suspended Brits manager Philemon Mapulane still paid R100,000 a month…
Monday 11 October 2010 by Dolf Dreyer, editor, Madibeng Pulse

  • R100-million were misspent; whereabouts of another R40-m still unexplained under his management:
  • BRITS/MADIBENG – A galling pill to swallow for Madibeng ratepayers would be the knowledge that they’re still forking out payment of a salary to the tune of R1.2 million a year to someone who has been accused of the most serious irregularities. Mapulane was finally arrested by the Hawks on Tuesday 17 August 2010 and paid R40,000 bail the next day.

The judicial process could take several years. However – there is no reason why the municipal disciplinary hearing, which started much earlier by Madibeng Municipality against Mapulane should take a similarly ponderous course.

  • This process be concluded as soon as possible. Administrator Erick Matlawe acknowledges as much by stating that Madibeng Municipality “cannot afford both an acting municipal manager and a manager suspended on full pay.”
    The disciplinary case against Mapulane should also be much easier to prove than the criminal one, since he can be dismissed for incompetence as much as for any irregularities proven against him. Mapulane will have a hard time proving that he had been a competent municipal manager.

In 2008, a forensic audit of capital expenditure projects in the municipality in North West revealed financial mismanagement of more than R100-million. And there was more: suspected irregular tender awards to the tune of some R40m also were being probed. Earlier this year, Madibeng residents barricaded streets in service delivery protests. They complained about dirty drinking water, potholed roads, and broken street lights.

The disciplinary process could have started as early as in November 2008 when the NW Premier ordered an investigation into Madibeng’s affairs but no later than February 2009 when the Mr. Cash pamphlet  widely circulated accusations against Mapulane.

After at least a year and three quarters – if there was a will to pursue it vigorously – the disciplinary hearing should have been much further advanced than the stop-start process we are currently witnessing. The question why it isn’t further advanced: was Mapulane surrounded by too many dirty hands?

  • Also read: “Is Government gunning for council crooks?”
  • Go to Schaumberg or to Orange Farm or to any of the other hellholes all over Madibeng, so quaintly called ” informal settlements “, and visualize what could be done with R100,000 a month there.
    An example: On 29 June 2009 MadibengPulse reported “There’s No Need For Squatters To Squat In The Veld – There Is Money For Toilets.” The article explained how about 1,500 Orange Farm squatters were forced to use an inadequate 11 corrugated iron long drops – or alternatively use the veld – while R212,500 was available at Bojanala District Municipality for VIP toilets. This would have provided great relief to the people of Orange Farm but, off the record, MadibengPulse was told Bojanala “did not want to release the money until Madibeng had been placed under administration for fear it would be stolen.”

However, the press publicity facilitated the release of the funds and about 50 VIP toilets were bought and placed – with great fanfare – at Orange Farm and the other settlements. The point of this anecdote is that Mapulane still pockets the equivalent of 22 VIP toilets monthly – if that is what is still needed – while our fellow Madibeng residents live like animals in the veld. But even once the squatter camps have sufficient VIP toilets, there is an endless list of necessities to make the squatters’ lives conform to what the Constitution has in mind.

The footdragging on Mapulane, and many other issues, should be placed squarely at the door of Madibeng Council, which —  many argue — should have been sacked under Section 139C of the SA Constitution so that they could go back to their supporters and explain why they deserve another chance. Just to reinforce the irritation Madibeng residents should feel over their Councillors, we’ll remind them that it took three suspension processes before Madibeng could get him finally suspended in October 2009. On the two previous occasions, the process was carried out so sloppily that Mapulane challenged them in the Labour Court with full confidence.

On every occasion —  except in February ( read case  ) when he finally failed and got clobbered with the costs —  the costs were awarded against Madibeng Council (i.e. its taxpayers) =  and while the total costs were never made known, it’s anybody’s guess that they could run into hundreds of thousands of Rands if not millions. The present councilors to the Administrator have an opportunity to regain some of the credibility they have lost with their supporters by urging the speedup of the process instead of retarding it as they have in the past. In its state of bankruptcy and with multiple needs of residents unsatisfied the municipality cannot afford to pay R100,000 a month so someone just to sit at home.The ANC-in-government is a “mutual back rubbing association”. If a significant number of the 42 ANC Madibeng councilors are sent back by the voters to do more of the same next year, it would only be because their supporters are unutterably stupid.And just to pull the fangs of apologists for that party who would be tempted to pull the ‘ race card ‘ in response, we have stated time and again that there is much in the ANC to be admired, and if it could only realise the ‘Spirit of 1994’ with equal treatment of ALL, few could argue that South Africa would be a marvelous country to live in. But while we live in a perversion of that spirit, the ANC does not deserve the overwhelming support it receives in election after election. Fortunately, even among its die-hard followers and tripartite partners, the pennies seem to be dropping – Editor. What do you think?  Email us  



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