SA Law Courts News – Oct 6 2010

summary:  The adult co-accused in the botched murder investigation of  Eugene Terre’Blanche, should never  have been granted bail and they want him back in prison said the National Prosecuting Authority’s attorney; Gutsy Afrikaans schoolgirl Alicia O’Dell, testifying at the trial of her mother’s murder-suspect:  ‘I felt his cold hands around my neck, he had longish nails…’


Eugene Terre’Blanche ‘s murder-accused should never have gotten bail” – National Prosecuting Authority

TerreBlancheMurderSceneWindowDeathRoomEvidenceIgnoredBySAPS Picture: Among the great many missed forensic clues by the SAPS team investigating the EugeneTerre’Blanche murder scene were indications of detailed advance planning before he was so gruesomely slashed to death with pangas: for instance the ‘damaged’ window latch allowed easy access to the Terre’Blanche bedroom; a red book cover was left behind with the words “Mountain Man Kill”,  a shoeprint on the sill was overlooked by SAPS forensic examinators … and many other clues. And months into the investigation, Ventersdorp SAPS Capt Tsietsi Mano, who had also spread false information to the news media, was arrested for torturing witnesses in previous investigations…

Pretoria – Oct 6 2010 The National Prosecuting Authority ‘s advocate George Baloyi told the Pretoria High Court that Eugene Terre’blanche’s co-accused murder suspect Chris Mahlangu ‘should never have been granted bail. There were no extinuating circumstances for the Ventersdorp magistrate’s court to justify him getting bail even if he had reported the murder to the police himself….’ 

Mahlangu and ‘a minor male’ are on trial for the gruesome murder: Terre’Blanche was found dismembered and mutilated. No motives are certain: nothing was robbed –  however the murder of the Boer-Republican leader is widely seen as a political assassination under very murky circumstances: independent forensic experts for instance, have uncovered evidence that the Ventersdorp SAPS had botched the forensic-field examination from the very first day – and that they had also spread false information to the news media about the circumstances in which Terre’Blanche had been found. Importantly, investigating officer  Capt Tsietsi Mano who testified in favour of Mahlangu’s bail application, was later arrested for torturing witnesses. The impoverished and physically-ailing Terre’Blanche, who was recovering from heart-bypass surgery, was found hacked to death with pangas in his delapidated rental farm-house in April last year. The Ventersdorp magistrate’s court had granted R5,000 bail to Mahlangu on 14 July and the State applied to rescind his bail. The trial starts on 22 November. Judge Julius Matojane is expected to decide the issue on Thursday. Terre’Blanche’s murder is widely viewed as a political assassination. 


Nothing was robbed during July 29 2009  murder-attack against the O’Dell family in Noordheuwel, Krugersdorp

Oct 6 2010 – Alicia O’Dell, the teen daughter of murdered Krugersdorp occupational-therapist Marinda O’Dell —  whose throat was cut on July 29 2009 by armed black men who stole nothing —  gave courageous testimony in the trial of co-accused Mphaphantsi Stanely Mabulana, 29 yesterday. She testified in detail how she had pleaded with one knifeman to ‘please not to hurt her”.  Her father Henry had been in Durban for business when the family-home was attacked.

Beeld journalist Amanda Roestoff reported that the gutsy matric-pupil of the Afrikaans High School Noordheuwel, testified at the murder-trial of Mphaphantsi Stanley Mabulana, 29 (co-accused of Phetoke Cedrick Lebea, 30, who confessed and was found guilty of ‘helping to murder Mrs O’Dell’ )

Mabulana denies all the charges – even though he was arrested shortly afterwards hiding in the ceiling of the murder-house. However Lebea is expected to testify as an important State-witness against Mabulana: after Lebea’s arrest in Munsieville, he had readily confessed that he had ‘helped to murder” Mrs O’Dell – although providing no motive: it’s still a mystery why nothing was stolen.

Alicia testified on closed-circuit camera because she still suffers from post-traumatic shock syndrome and also has to be protected as an important state-witness.  Her mother , who had arrived home shortly after Alicia was knocked unconscious, was found murdered – her throat cut from ear to ear.

“I felt his cold hands around my neck, he had longish nails…’

Alicia told the court that she was attacked inside her Krugersdorp home after her return from school on July 29. She was choked and beaten with a heavy spanner and passed out. “I pleaded with him not to hurt me as I saw him walking towards me with a knife in his hand. I then struggled to keep him out by pushing against the door while he was pushing it from the other side. He got inside and immediately started choking me, holding my neck with his hands. I felt his cold hands. He had longish fingernails. I started feeling faint. I saw the knife on the floor and tried to pick it up but he kicked it away. I lost conscienceness,’ she testified.

She testified that she had identified three black men as the attackers when she was taken to the Kagiso-police station. “I recognised the three because they looked so similar to one another, each with bears and very dark-skinned.’ She made a later court appearance during which she had however positively identified Mabulana as one of the attackers. The trial continues.


Previous report: 20090729 Marinda O’Dell, 48, killed with throat cut, daughter Alicia, 17, bludgeoned, Noordheuwel Krugersdorp

  • Aug 1 2009 –  One of her clients was also present in the house of occupational therapist Mrs Marinda O’Dell, 48, whose throat was cut in her Krugersdorp home on July 29 2009. Mrs Elsa Mangolias and her son Gerald Hawkins, 9, did not however witness the gruesome murder, but were in the consulting room nearby when Mrs O’Dell’s throat was murdered. She was ambushed by two or three men who had also just assaulted and injured Mrs O’Dell’s 17-year-old daughter Alicia. The nine-year-old boy also needed trauma treatment,  although he ‘didn’t witness the murder’, said a relative. One of the knifemen, Phetole Cedrick Lebea (28) of Munisieville, submitted a confession that he’d helped murder Mrs O’Dell when he appeared with co-accused Mphaphantshi Stanley Mabulana (27) in the Krugersdorp magistrate’s court. Their case will be heard again on Friday August 6 2009.  Mabulana was arrested by police hiding in the ceiling of the O’Dell murder house, and Lebea was arrested within two hours at his home. The murder attack seems to be motiveless: nothing was stolen. The attack against these two Afrikaans women occurred at around 2pm in Keersomberg Street, Noordheuwel, said police inspector Odette van Staden. Alicia was  attacked shortly after she ‘d arrived at 2pm at her the family home – while her mother was dropping off some disabled children from the nearby Lantern School at their homes. The daughter had still stopped outside her home’s front-door to chat to Mrs Mangolias and her nine-year-old son Gerald who were waiting there for a scheduled occupational therapy session, before going inside – where she was attacked in her bedroom.  Her mother showed up at the house very shortly thereafter, brought her clients to her consulting room,  calling out to her daughter Alicia in the meantime. However when her daughter did not respond to her call, she contacted a girlfriend on her cellphone asking her if she knew Alicia’s whereabouts — and was still talking to her friend when she was repeatedly stabbed in her body and her throat was slashed, police said. Police arrived within just minutes, writes Beeld.The family patriarch, Henry O’Dell was in Durban at the time of the murder attack on his family and rushed back that evening.,,3-975_2543663,00.html,,3-975_2544185,00.html

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