News Sept 27 2010

Summary: South African smallholder John Staples beaten to death in Bronkhorstspruit; Afrikaner Coenie Pitout, rep at a fertiliser factory, survives double-stabbing and 4 bullet wounds by three black attackers who stole nothing; white Bryanston woman stabbed by guard but neighbours refuse to help; Pinetown priest flees from shootout at his church between 4 armed robbers and cops ; two SAPS constables who were FILMED stealing weapons from a Pretoria police-vault get off scott-free;  Afrikaner Bruwer family robbed twice inside their Centurion home by ‘uniformed men’ and they suspect Lyttleton police; and Jacob Zuma now will be able to pay his striking civil-servants: the EU wastes another 132-million Euros which is supposed to go to advance primary-school education…


Staples John  Bronkhorstspruit smallholder beaten to death in bed Sept27 2010

2010-09-27 John Staples, 79, Bronkhorstspruit smallholder/retired mechanic, was beaten to death by three armed black menat the Roodepoort smallholdings near this small agricultural town.


2010-09-27 Coenie Pitout, 35, fertiliser-factory representative in Koster, survives being stabbed twice, shot 4 times by 3 attackers who stole nothing.

Alta Snyman of Beeld newspaper reports that 35-year-old Coenie Pitout, who works as a sales representative for a fertiliser-company, pretended to be dead after he was shot and stabbed by an unknown number of black men who had invaded the family home in Koster. Pitout, the father of two little girls, is in serious condition in a local hospital, where he is awaiting surgery to remove two bullets. The “incident” occurred at around 02:30 on Sunday when Mrs Tania Pitout, 33, woke up from a noise. The family had watched TV on Sunday night and the children had fallen asleep in the living room. They had only moved into the house six weeks earlier.His brother-in-law Justus Jones told Beeld that Coenie got up to investigate. “Tania wanted to go and have a look but just before reaching the kitchen-door she felt uneasy and turned back to fetch Coenie,’ he aid.”He believed that it was probably one of the kids and didn’t even take his gun.’ Just as he reached the hallway leading to the kitchen he was shot at point-blank range – the shot was so close that his face was blackened, and the shot strafed his cheek and shot off half-an-ear.The injured Coenie didn’t hesitate: he attacked the gunman who dropped the weapon, which was then picked up by a second attacker while a third man rushed into the fray and stabbed Coenie with a knife in his right-side. He was shot a second time, this time in the left-side, said his brother-in-law. Meanwhile the girls woke up and little Antoné managed to reach her mom in the  hallway while Imké was grabbed by one of the gunmen.

  • Coenie tore his daughter from the man’s grip and shoved her down the hallway. Tania ran with the girls to the living room, locking the door behind her – trying to get the GUN FROM THE SAFE – but couldn’t.She then broke the window with a hairspray-bottle and fled with the children,’ said Jones. She fetched help from the neighbours.

Meanwhile their injured dad noted that two of the attackers tried to flee through the livingroom window where the burglar-bars had been bent open earlier. One of the gunmen then loomed up behind the injured, unarmed Afrikaner and shot him through the left shoulder. Pitout fell on his back and pretended to be dead, praying that the terror ‘would end’, said Jones. The black man then walked up to him, kicked him in the face and shot him in the chest. That shot broke one of his ribs and he now needs surgery to remove two bullets.

“Coenie has lost an awful lot of blood. The doctor will operate as soon as he gets a bit stronger,’ said Jones.

  • The family cannot understand why the injured Coenie kept being attacked, stabbed and shot while the attackers could have fled at any time – he posed no threat to them whatsoever. The black men never spoke to him at all – and did not make any demands for money or car-keys or whatever.

The family was also attacked in the previous home they had lived in  six weeks earlier – and the only things stolen then were Tania’s car-keys, he said. The three black males who attacked Pitout the second time were described as ‘very sturdily built’. SAPS spokesman Lt-col Lesego Metsi merely ‘confirmed the attack’.


White SA woman stabbed by guard in Bryanston secure complex – neighbours refuse to help, told the pleading woman to shut up…

Bryanston woman attacked in security complex neighbours too scared to help sept292010 iol co za

By Angelique Serrao – The Star – A white woman in upperclass Bryanston, Sandton, was robbed and stabbed – allegedly by the man hired to protect her – and when she ran to her neighbours, they refused to help her. The 58-year-old woman, who does not want to be identified, lives in a secure complex in Grosvenor Road in Bryanston. The four clusters in her complex are guarded by security guards around the clock.

The woman said she has always been security conscious and recently put security bars and trellis doors on her property. On Tuesday last week, her husband went on a trip overseas and she came home at 10pm after visiting friends. “I tried to open the gate with my remote, but it wouldn’t open. I then hooted for the security guard to open. I waited three or four minutes before I saw him peering over the gate before it opened. Already then I had an uneasy feeling, but I ignored it,” the woman said.

  • She parked her car and when she approached her house, she noticed that the door was open. “I knew then that something was wrong, and I turned around and ran,” she said. But the intruder, whom she would later identify as the security guard who earlier that day let her out of the complex, knew she was there and he jumped on her. “He was on top of me and started stabbing me. I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t know then I was being stabbed. I thought he was just hitting me,” she said.

“Please sir, help me I’m dying” – but the neighbours would not open the door…

She managed to push the man off her and he ran away. “I started slipping as I ran. When I looked down, I realised it was my own blood,” she said. The woman had been stabbed twice in the neck – once on the side and once in the back. Her right wrist was slashed. She ran to the cluster next door, a Bed and Breakfast  — but all the doors were closed and nobody would open when she screamed for help. “I took my shirt off to try and stop the bleeding in my neck and ran to the next cluster,” she said. “I knocked on the door and was screaming ‘I’ve been stabbed’.

  • They threw a shirt at me as if I was a dog that had been run over…
  • A man looked out of the window upstairs and said he wouldn’t open the door for me. I said ‘Sir, please help me I’m dying. I have children, please help’.” She said her neighbour said to her: “Stop screaming. Be quiet. Lie on the grass and wait, I’ve called ADT (private security company).” Eventually, his wife threw a T-shirt down to her to cover herself. “They threw a shirt to me as if I was a dog that had been run over,” the woman said. She estimates that she lay there for about 30 minutes.

And it was only after much begging that one of the neighbours called the woman’s son, who arrived and took her to Morningside Medi-Clinic. She received about 20 stitches and the doctor said she was lucky because the main artery in her neck had been missed by just a millimetre. She still has her bloodied clothes and she said when she went back to the complex this week, she saw her own blood all over the driveway and on her neighbour’s window. Her neighbours sent her flowers the next day and she said they had been too scared to help her.

  • “What kind of humanity do we have,” she asked. “They could see me bleeding, and they wouldn’t come and help. I wish people would have the courage to come and help others when they need it.” Only a laptop had been “stolen” from her home —  but the guard who attacked her had left his uniform inside and her bags filled with her things had been left by the door.  A charge of attempted murder has been opened against the man —  but the woman said “police have not been able to find him yet”. Warrant Officer Moses Maphakela said “he could not check on the case because Sandton police station’s computer system was down”. The woman has been receiving trauma counselling. “This man, someone who was supposed to protect me, tried to murder me. That changes you,” she said. – The Star


2010-09-26 Father Justin Stirton, 60, priest, attacked by 4 black men, Parish of Immaculate Conception, Underwood Road, Pinetown –

  • Two black suspects shot dead by undercover cops, third suspect bitten by police dog…

Stirton Father Justin Immaculate Conception Church Pinetown ran for his life Sept26 2010

September 27 2010  Pinetown priest Father Justin Stirton, faced by four armed black men, made a dash for his life when the gunmen were involved in a fatal shoot-out with undercover policemen on the church premises. Photo: Terry Haywood


Father Justin Stirton, 60, of the Parish of the Immaculate Conception in Underwood Road, Pinetown, KwaZulu, was taking the night’s collections to the church office when he was confronted by the four gunmen. The attack is the latest in a string of armed robberies at places of worship in greater Durban – there have been several incidents since the beginning of the year.

  • Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Vincent Mdunge, said members of the Pinetown crime prevention and Durban K9 units were tipped off about a possible robbery during the 5pm Mass. Two suspected robbers were shot dead by police, another man was arrested and a fourth man escaped.

Mdunge said undercover officers stationed themselves in the vicinity of the church and watched as a white VW Jetta drove up and three men alighted and entered the Roman Catholic church. “They pretended to be church-goers and took their places inside the building. The fourth man parked the getaway car at the nearby Spar, which is about half a kilometre away,” Mdunge said. As the Mass was drawing to a close, the man drove the vehicle into the church parking lot and entered the building.

  • “The priest was left alone after the service. While he was taking the collection money into his office, the men pulled out firearms and demanded the cash. Police officers entered at the same time and ordered them to surrender.”

The men allegedly refused and instead opened fire on the officers. Police returned fire and shot down three men, killing two. Mdunge said the priest used the distraction to flee and found safety inside the church. “The third suspect was bitten by a police dog on his hand while the fourth man escaped, despite being shot. We are now searching for him,” Mdunge said. No one else was injured during the gunfight.

After the shooting a few concerned parishioners, still in the area, returned to comfort the priest. ER24 spokesman Derrick Banks, said paramedics declared the two suspects dead and treated and stabilised the third man at the scene before he was taken into police custody.

  • Mdunge said two unlicenced guns – a .38 revolver and a 9mm pistol – were recovered. “We also seized their vehicle and we are checking to see if it is stolen. The firearms were sent to our forensic science laboratory to ascertain if they are linked to other robberies, such as those at other places of worship.”

When contacted last night, church officials declined to comment. It’s not known if the priest had been aware of the uncover-police surveillance before the attack. Police are investigating a case of armed robbery with aggravating circumstances.

  • Female police officer also arrested for armed robbery at Umlazi Zion Church:
  • In August there were three attacks on places of worship in Durban. The Imam Hussain Mosque, Madrasah and Cultural Centre in Ottawa, Verulam, was attacked by seven men, who also made off with worshippers’ belongings and two cars, a Lexus and VW Polo.In the other incidents, two worshippers were shot by a group of armed men who stole a car from Ebenezer Ministries, in Bayview, Chatsworth.Worshippers at the Valley Temple in Verulam were robbed of their belongings and three cars were stolen while they were praying.Earlier this year, Umlazi Zion Church members were held up by a group of armed robbers, including a female police officer. In this case the thieves were later arrested. – Daily News


Two constables filmed stealing SAPS weapons from Pretoria police-vault get off scott-free

2010-09-27 Sonja Carstens of Beeld newspaper reports that two black SAPS constables who had initially been charged with stealing SAPS weapons got off scott-free when DeWildt shopowner Jorge Dos Santos, on whose farm the SAPS loot was stored, pleaded guilty.The case against constables Daniel Hlongwane and Simangaliso Gama were withdrawn a year earlier at the Pretoria magistrate’s court ‘after their dossiers got lost’.

  • HOWEVER – the two constables were actually filmed stealing the police weaponry and equipment from the SAPS vaults in Pretoria.

The state had initially charged Hlongwane and Gama with looting amongst others two R1-highpowered assault rifles; R5-ammo; four smoke-grenades; four tear-gas grenades, seven flares; a laptop computer, a large torchlight, and a night-vision scope between Julie to October 2006.  The two men were actually filmed by close-circuit TV while stealing the items from the vaults of the Maupa Naga-building – the SAPS security services and crime-prevention unit’s headquarters in Arcadia, Pretoria. All three men were arrested after police raided a storage facility on the farm of De Wildt store-owner Mr Dos Santos where the looted SAPS weaponry was (unwittingly) stored. Legal representative of Dos Santos, Wessie Wessels, said Hlongwane “had asked Dos Santos to store some goods for him because he was in the middle of a move’. Dos Santos said he ‘agreed and only noticed later that weapons were stored there.’ Dos Santos then ‘immediately reported the matter to a police-friend and repeatedly started phoning Hlongwane, asking him to remove the items. Wessels said ‘the state was ready to launch the case from 23 July last year.’ However Dos Santos agreed to admit guilt to weapons-possession after a copy of the police-dossier was handed to his legal counsel.He will be sentenced on 4 February next year. “The State asked Dos Santos to testify against constables Hlongwane and Gama. However after waiting a year for a summons to submit his testimony, I started enquiring about the case,’ said Wessels.

  •  “That’s when I heard that the case against constables Gama and Hlongwane was withdrawn because the SAPS-dossier had gotten ‘lost at the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court’.

“I offered  to submit a copy of that same dossier which the SAPS had already handed to me, to the investigating officer so that Hlongwana and Gama can be charged. “However my repeated requests about the progress of this case has fallen on deaf ears,’ Wessels told the newspaper. Beeld also submitted written requests for information to the SAPS – as SA journalists now are required to do to obtain information from the government. And the SAPS spokesman in Gauteng province, Lt-col Eugene Opperman, also said that last week he also submitted requests for information about this case to the national SAPS spokesman Col. Vish Naidoo. However by the time of going to press, Naidoo failed to respond to repeated messages and SMS’s asking him to reply.


Bruwer family Centurion robbed twice by ‘well-informed armed men in SAPS uniforms’

2010-09-28 Seugnet Esterhuyse of Beeld newspaper reports that the Bruwer-family was robbed twice within a week at their Highveld, Centurion home – by ‘robbers in police uniforms’. And events during the second robbery indicates that the Lyttleton SAPS may be closely involved in the robberies, said the family.

André Bruwer (53) said his wife Laurenza, 51 and daughter Luandri, 20, were home alone on Sunday – a week after the family had been robbed after they had forgotten to turn on their burglar-alarms. During the first robbery, a TV-set, sound-system, cellphone, laptop computer and safe were looted.

Mr Bruwer said when he submitted this information to the SAPS at Lyttleton station, he also volunteered the information that the robbers had ‘left behind valuable items including a second safe- and that they planned to install security cameras soon.”

On Sunday, with the two women alone at home, ‘two black men in police uniforms’ came knocking at their front door, claiming that they were ‘investigating the house-robbery’;  that they had ‘arrested three suspects’; and that they ‘wanted more information’.

  • Mrs Bruwer invited them in – and one man immediately pointed a gun to her head, and three more armed black men, all in police uniforms, then walked in. One demanded to have the ‘code to the second safe’ and demanded to know ‘where the security cameras’ video-materials were located’.

Threatened to gang-rape the women:

They threatened to ‘repeatedly rape’ Mrs Bruwer and her daughter ‘until she gave them the code’.  The terrified Mrs Bruwer truthfully told them that only her husband had the code.
Luckily they believed her – and tied the two women up, demanding their jewellery.
“These men in uniform arrived, and asked for very specific items and the coincidence is just to big that exactly those same items were mentioned to the police when we reported the first robbery,’ said Mrs Bruwer.


Now Zuma can afford to pay his striking civil servants their wage-increase demands:

  • EU wastes another 123-million Euros on “primary education” in SA:

EU South Africa primary education deal 123m Euros


It has been reported from Brussels (Belga-DPA) that the EU and South Africa signed an agreement on Tuesday in which 123-million Euros will be donated for primary-school education in South Africa.Signatures were placed by EU-president Herman Van Rompuy, commission chairman José Manuel Barroso and SA president Jacob Zuma.
Barroso also promised to lower the trade-barriers between the EU and the Southern Africa Development Community.

Afrikaner genocide – including ANC-created homelessness and destitution:

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