Police news Sept 11 2010


Puzzling police news: a white woman is arrested for placing two threatening phone calls to non-strikers – but the SAPS ignore the aggressive, often offensively lewd black strikers who  constantly threaten to kill teachers, doctors and nurses; the arsonist who started the mystery-fire at Kimberley hospital has not yet been arrested; 95,000 civil servants have been convicted or are facing charges for widespread benefits-fraud this year: and that does not include the municipal-level civil servants as yet; 110 on-duty cops died on the beat this reporting year but the Police Minister in the same breath, also ‘congratulates the community Police Forum for helping to fight crime”.


110 on-duty SA cops died on the beat this year –

Three more SA cops died on the beat this year than the previous year – and community police forums were congratulated for fighting crime. "The number of police dying in the line of duty had increased from 107 to 110 in the 2009/2010 year. “

The announcement was made by the Minister of Police, Mr Nathi Mthethwa in Pretoria on 9 September 2010. In the same press release, he congratulated the Community Police Forum (CPF) and other civic organizations for their support and efforts in fighting crime. "We have always realized that fighting crime was never the sole responsibility of the police and the government is continuously working towards a safer society." He also spindoctored that it was ‘critical to remove elements in the criminal justice system who are engaged in various criminal activities and corruption. The police had managed to expose criminal networks operating within and out of these institutions without fear and favour." (view details below).

Confusing headline on SA Police journal website: "Killer-cop sentenced to life"
However the story has no relation to the headline at all. Instead it describes the hijacking of an unnamed 31-year-old woman who was hijacked in her drive way at Jim Fouche park, Welkom, FS.

  • The story is as follows:
    "A 31-year-old unnamed woman was hijacked on her driveway as she was locking the gate to leave for work at Jim Fouche Park in Welkom, in the Free State  ( *A predominantly Afrikaans-language area- ed) The incident occurred on 03 August 2010 at approximately 08:10. It is alleged that two unknown suspects pointed at the victim with a firearm and demanded her car keys. The suspects drove away, but approx 600m away from the crime scene the vehicle’s anti-hijack system went on and the motor vehicle stopped. The two suspects got out of the motor vehicle and fled in a blue Toyota Cressida. The police found the motor vehicle abandoned in Volks Road near the fire brigades offices. No one was arrested and the police are still looking for the suspects. The victim identified one of the suspects and an identikit of the suspect was compiled. The suspect is between the age of 20 and 25, about 1.70m tall, slender with big eyes and had a light moustache.Anyone with information that could assist the police in tracing the suspects, can contact Detective W/O Neville Wessels of Welkom SAPS on 057 391 6268 or 082 928 2422.”The story was filed by Sergeant MC. Mophiring Tele (051) 5076521, 0795284784 Email mothibelip@saps.org.za

 Fiona Kotze, 42, gets suspended sentence for placing two intimidating phone calls to non-strikers: 

  • Strikers responsible for potentially deadly fires and hospital deaths ignored by SAPS
    Tembisa strikers Sept12010 Pic5

On Wednesday 1 September 2010 Mrs Fiona Kotze, a 42-year-old woman from the Bluff area, in KwaZulu-Natal was found guilty on two counts of intimidation and sentenced to four years imprisonment suspended for five years.

Picture left: protesting black teachers stopped doctors and nurses from attending their patients at the hospital gates during  the civil-servants’ strike – leading to the deaths of at least twelve patients, including newborn infants and women in labour.None of these strikers  were arrested or charged – although they were creating life-threatening situations for tens of thousands of helpless patients in government hospitals over the past three years.

Police investigated the case and Fiona Kotze handed herself to the police and was arrested on 31 August 2010. Kotze, an employee of the Department of Education working at a primary school in the Bluff area, was found guilty of making two threatening telephone phone calls to a non-striking public servant. When the public service strike began three weeks ago, government issued a strong warning to all citizens to refrain from resorting to intimidation, violence, destruction of property and making inflammatory remarks. The first call was made on 24 August 2010 when an employee of the Bluff Medical Centre in Lighthouse Road, Brighton Beach, received an anonymous call in which a demand and a threat was made that the Medical Centre must be closed. The second call was made on 29 August 2010 which resulted in the principal of the Glen Ardle School being threatened that the school should close or risk being burnt down. Although the accused will not serve time in prison due to the suspension of the sentence, should she commit this crime again she could certainly face incarceration.Ironically, the Minister of Police, Nathi Mthethwa this past Sunday while addressing a community gathering in eShongweni, reiterated that the criminal justice system will ensure those who fuel anarchy during strikes will be apprehended and punitive measures taken against them.  "We made a gentle appeal to society, particularly the striking and non-striking workers to respect the rule of law but it would seem, others like Kotze ignored our clarion call," he stated."While the South African Police Service recognizes and respects citizens’ right to strike, it does not condone any form of violent conduct, intimidation and vulgarity. "If people assume that we are merely in the business of screaming from roof tops when we say we shall be tough on any criminal behavior, they are so mistaken. We once again wish to reiterate that no person has the right to take the law into their own hands under the disguise of a right to strike," concluded Minister Mthethwa. The National Police Commissioner, General Bheki Cele also warned that swift and decisive action will continue to be taken against any perpetrators. "This speedy arrest, conviction and sentence should serve as a warning to others that the criminal justice system will not tolerate any form of intimidation against those who intend to uphold their calling and serve the community," he stated.Mr Z. Mnisi, 082 045 4024


Kimberley hospital torched, – nobody arrested

KIMBERLEY, South Africa. September 4 2010 — Arson is being investigated by the SAPS North Cape after a mysterious fire broke out in the Kimberley Hospital ‘s linen-room at the start of the civil-servants national strike. Spokesman Gamieldin said the fire “suddenly erupted” at 18.30 on Tuesday – and patients had to be evacuated from the fourth and fifth floor. One worker was treated for smoke-inhalation. Nobody was arrested for this act either. http://www.nuus24.com/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/Brand-breek-uit-by-Kimberley-hospitaal-20100901

15,000 civil servants, 900 SAPS-officials convicted for benefits-frauds: another 80,000 face similar charges
Sept 11 2010 – Johannesburg – More than 900 SAPS-officials have been found guilty of benefits-fraud – caught in the act by the Special Investigations Unit thus far this year, reports Jacques Pauw reports in Volksblad.
 CivilServantsStrikersBarMedicalStaffFromVDBIJLPARK maternity ward Sept12010_A And that’s just the tip of the iceberg: a total of 95,000 of the 1-million civil servants in South Africa this year face internal hearings for defrauding the state out of billions of Rands worth of benefits on provincial and national level.  And an investigation of civil-servants’ fraud at the municipal level still has to be launched…

Volksblad quoted Willie Hofmeyr, head of the SIU – who also warned that thus far they had only investigated benefits-frauds amongst the provincial- and national-level civil servants. They are now expanding their work to municipal level.

Nearly none of these fraudulent SAPS officials except in the Western Cape have however thus far lost their jobs or even been suspended after their convictions: although some 300 of the defrauding cops  underwent ‘internal discliplinary measures or received written notifications” that they would be fired within six months if they were ever caught receiving illegal benefits again, writes Jacques Pauw. 

Benefits-fraud is widespread not only amongst the SAPS but throughout the civil service: thus far this year, more some 15,000 SA government officials were found guilty of receiving welfare-benefits illegally although they also received salaries from the State — and another 80,000 civil servants are facing similar charges.

A particularly ‘sensitive’ investigation is also ongoing in the ‘vast network of crime-syndicates and doctors which help government officials obtain illegal disability benefits with false documentation”, says Hofmeyr.

Most of the convicted 15,000 government officials agreed to plea-bargain arrangements with the national prosecuting authority (NPA), were given suspended sentences and arranged to pay back the stolen benefits-money to the state – with interest.

1,1910 civil servants arrested for R2-billion housing-benefits frauds:

Hofmeyr also confirmed that they were still investigating and prosecuting frauds in housing-allowances to the tune of some R2-billion – and that they had already recovered R40-million and arrested 1,1910 civil servants. Hofmeyr said his unit recently handed over another 945 ‘discliplinary cases’ to the SAPS and some 10,000 cases to other departments on the national and provincial level. They are now expanding their investigations to the municipal level.

SAPS: ‘only 350 members committed benefits-fraud – and they keep their jobs’:

The claim that 900 SAPS-officials were convicted for defrauding the state out of illegal benefit-payments, was denied by SAPS spokesman colonel Vishnu Naidoo. He said the SAPS ‘is only aware of some 350 people in our employment who committed fraud. Their internal discliplinary trials have been completed, they received warnings and they still work for the SAPS,’ he said.

Tens of thousands of convicted civil-servant benefit-fraudsters keep their jobs:

  • Senior researcher at the Institute for Security Studies, dr. Johan Burger, asked to comment, said it was ‘unacceptable’ that police officials who were convicted of fraud, were still allowed to remain in the SAPS service. “The norm has always been that any official found guilty of such fraud-officials,or who were convicted of theft, were considered unfit for police service.’

He said it appears as if a ‘culture of condonement of corruption’ has crept into the civil service and this does not augur well for the future.’ The convicted government-officials illegally received benefits such as for child-benefit payments, care-payments, old-age pensions without being qualified for them. “They made false sworn statements and were in possession of fraudulent identity documents and birth certificates. Others bribed officials in various government departments to help them get these benefits,’ he pointed out.

Hofmeyr said this is just the tip of the iceberg: his independent unit has thus far only investigated illegal benefit-payments ‘on national and provincial level’. They still have to expand their probe to municipal officials – and their statistic of 96,000 defrauding civil servants thus could still grow considerably.

Burger said “corruption is an infection which just gets worse and worse. And how can one say that you want to wipe out corruption, but still allow convicted, corrupt officials to keep their government jobs?”

The Free State Education Department, also confirmed this pattern of condonement, noting that that they had taken steps against 184 civil servants, that all had merely received ‘final discliplinary warnings’ but were still keeping their jobs.

The Western Cape Health and Education Departments are the exception:, 344 officials received warnings in the education department after their fraud-convictions and 188 officials in the health department.  Teachers who were found guilty of such offences either were fired outright; or warned and fined between R2,000 and R8,000 each, said their spokesman.

Disability benefit-frauds amongst civil servants: ‘a vast network of corrupt doctors, crime syndicates’:

Hofmeyr also confirmed that the SIU was still busy with ‘very sensitive’ investigations against officials who were suspected of involvement in disability-benefits frauds – pointing out that much more money was involved in this kind of fraud than in the average welfare-benefits frauds. The disability-benefit frauds involve a vast network of corrupt physicians and crime-syndicates, he pointed out. – Volksblad http://www.nuus24.com/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/Bedrog-in-polisie-20100911

Pretoria metrocops stop white motorists, humilate them sexually, demand bribes:
Facebook members warn that they are stopped in road-blocks,ordered to offload everything in
their cars… and sexually taunted, humilated. Sign up for the Policing the Police service at Eblockwatch to protect yourself!…http://www.eblockwat…ch.co.za/


East London citizen-crime fighters arrest 23 suspects, haul of illegal weapons:

East London citizen-crime fighters and their haul of confiscated weapons sgt Vusisile Slatsha Sept 7 2010 – The "East London Needs Camp Sector Crime Forum" arrested 23 suspects, recovered stolen corrugated iron and seized dangerous weapons. The operation started on Friday, 27 August 2010, and was led by Sergeant Vuyisile Slatsha a sector manager of the area, with a team of members from the Community Sector Forum. 

Pictured left is — what is being described by the SAPS news release — ‘as the biggest haul made over a long period in the area”.

“The team followed up on leads and concentrated on shebeens and known hot spots. Some of the suspects were arrested in possession of petrol and it is suspected that it was going to be used in burning property.

“The area is known for violent crimes like rape, murder and gang-related crimes, and this success is going to make a huge difference. The sector Crime Forum is operating under the umbrella of the Needs Camp East London Community Policing Forum and the Chairperson is Mr Dan Njobe who is very active in fighting crime in this community.The suspects, aged between 23 and 25, are to appear on charges of burglary and theft, assault on police officers and possession of dangerous weapons.”

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