News reports Aug 29 2010


Summary: Afrikaner cop Morn Croeser critically injured, wife Erica murdered in stabbing frenzy, Msinsi KZN; cop Jan Pretorius rescues drowning child which then runs away; quadruplegic Afrikaner cop denied wheelchair with a neckbrace; Also: Afrikaners are a mystical nation plugged into the collective unconscious: this week two messages were recorded: an Afrikaner SANDF communications expert got ‘an electronic message from God” on his laptop; mystic Judith de Beer suffers increasingly terrifying dreams of the Afrikaner nation’s future…



    Aug 27 2010 – BALFOUR – Moments after SAPS warrant officer Jan Pretorius had rescucitated a Balfour child after rescuing him from drowning in a dam, the child jumped up and disappeared amongst the squatter huts of Siyathemba township. Pic: Sergeant Soutie Pieterse.,

    I still don’t know the name of the kid I rescued, but I really want to know whether he’s OK,’ said the bemused police officer. The rescue was photographed by colleague sergeant Soutie Pieterse. The two Afrikaner cops were patrolling the Brakfontein road at 10:30 when they drove past the dam and spotted two kids in the water. One got out and ran away but the other boy got into trouble, thrashing about and calling for help about 30m offshore. Pretorius stormed right in. “The mud on the bottom of the dam was very sticky and thick and sucked my feet down, but fortunately I was able to reach the boy in water which was about 2meters deep. When he got the child, estimated to be about six years old, on the shore he resuscitated him: “Finally he started breathing very deeply and spit up water, and then he just flew up and ran away amongst the shacks,’ said Pretorius. The child kept waving back at him shouting, ‘thanks’, as he ran. “And that’s the last I saw of him,’ said Pretorius. (my note: the child should have gone to hospital: rescuscitated victims of near-drownings often die of secondary drowning…)  SAPS captain Leonard Hlathi, spokesman for the provincial police, praised Pretorius for his courageous action.


    Afrikaner constable Morn Croeser criticallty injured, wife Erica killed in frenzies stabbing by attackers, Msinsi game reserve, KZN  – nothing robbed

    2010-08-29  Durban, CRAMOND – An Afrikaner woman was killed and her policeman-husband critically injured in an attack on a rural homestead on the private Msinsi game reserve in Cramond, KwaZulu-Natal police said on Sunday. SAPS Colonel Jay Naicker said “an unknown number of people” attacked the home of constable Morn Croeser and his wife Erica, both 34 , at around 02:30 on Saturday and attacked them with knives.

    The gang repeatedly stabbed the constable Morn Croeser in the stomach before they attacked his wife, Erica – stabbing her repeatedly in numerous parts of her body. She later died from her injuries. Naicker said Morn Croeser apparently managed to get hold of his firearm and  while being stabbed, he also tried to shoot at the attackers, but none of them were hit. A neighbour heard the gunshot and alerted police and paramedics. Nothing was taken from the home. Constable Croeser was taken to hospital and was in a critical condition, Naicker said. 


    SAPS refuses wheelchair with neckbrace to quadruplegic Afrikaner cop


    Strijdom Chanelle quadruplegic ex-cop begs for electric wheelchair Sondag Aug232010 23 August  2010 – Quadruplegic SAPS officer Chanelle Strijdom is trying out a coveted motorised wheelchair with a neckbrace which the police service refuses to buy for her. Her neck was injured at work 17 years ago. She begged the police service for a motorised chair which would support her damaged neck. Despite two doctors’ examinations and  X-rays all confirming her neck injury after a fall at work, medically-untrained SAPS officials keep turning down her requests. “They want to buy an ordinary wheelchair, one without a neck-brace, and that’s not suitable for me. I often can’t even lift up my arms most days and suffer chronic pain from the neck injury.. these medically-unqualified officials keeping saying there’s nothing wrong with me,’ she said.


    The Afrikaners have always been a mystical nation, plugged into the collective unconscious – two stories:



    SANDF communications specialist Major Quintus Eksteen received an electronic signal from Heaven

    Yolanda Barnard writes in Sondag, 23 Aug 2010 — SA National Defence Force communciations expert Major Quintus Eksteen believes that he received an electronic communication from God via his laptop: a lion roaring, breathing, water rushing by…. Picture  Yolanda Barnard, Sondag.

    Eksteen Quintus MESSAGE FROM GOD SONDAG AUG232010 Every day, Major Eksteen works with sophisticated military signals and electronic communications equipment . However he received his signal from God on his laptop at home – on Father’s Day, 17 June 2008.

    And ever since that day, he feels just like Joseph must have felt before the Exodus of the people of Israel from Egypt – ‘nearly no-one believes me and those who do believe, cannot figure out the real meaning of the message.’

    However, he told Sondag Afrikaans tabloid, today he knows what the message meant.

    The signal he received and recorded on his laptop is deeply mysterious: a roaring lion, breathing, water rushing by… the journalist reports that she also listened to it and was deeply puzzled.

    He also wanted to decypher what he’d heard and started researching Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) – technological communications which cannot be explained and which many people believe come from beyond the grave.

    Sometimes such signals are sent during radio-broadcasts, when they suddenly are interrupted and your name is suddenly mentioned. At other times, horrific sounds emanate from TV- and radio-sets.

    The Vatican also said publicly that they believed in this phenomenon’s mystic origins. Well-known scientists such as Marconi, Sir William Crookes and John Logie Baird also experimented with EVP. Evensome  protestant churches and other official bodies acknowledged the existence of EVP.

    However Quintus says those aren’t ‘voices from ghosts’ – he says those usually give a brief and clear message.

    “I asked and received. God wants me to share this with believers and unbelievers. He Exists. This is a technological miracle,’ he said.

    Since 2006, when the SANDF started laying off a large number of its white employees, he said he’d been praying without fail for God to direct him to another job. His wife Hanlie also used to work for the SANDF but as a white woman with IT-training, she was able to get other work, since she falls under a different BEE-category. However he’s a white man nearly 40 years old: and white males are being very actively barred from the South African job market under the ANC-regime’s black-economic-empowerment hiring policies.

    While looking for new work, the Afrikaner communications expert has had some emotionally-laden, very stressful years: he was even treated for paranoia at a Bloemfontein institution. “However I am not crazy, although everybody says I am,’ he said.

    He had also become focused on one sentence in the book The Secret  by Rhonda Byrne, and one sentence has stuck in his mind: “I have created and bring it in a way that I won’t expect so that I am as surprised at my ability to be able to experience these things and make it so that I have no doubt that it comes from You.”

    ‘God can and does communicate with us in many strange ways..’

    Sondag newspaper listened to the signal which Quintus had received on his laptop and also asked Rev Dr. Isak Burger, head of the Afrikaans Evangelical Church, for his opinion on this odd phenomenon. He said his church believes that “God can and does communicate with us in many strange ways. Who are we to say that God would not use technology to communicate. However Quintus must also be cautious, because it could also be demonic messages.’


    A terrifying vision of the Afrikaner nation’s future – by Judith de Beer 
    Saturday night, 20 Augustus 2010 – Vision 1197 –  Afrikaner mystic Judith de Beer writes – “Earlier this week I had a psychological experience accompanied by an intense fear-attack. This made me hesitate to write it down. However I then received a repeat of this vision with the order to write it down.

    “It starts with the vision that even the most accomplished and settled Boers, agrarians, are removed through an unfair but ‘legalised’ way from their landed properties, and that these removalsgradually grow more brutally violent and illegal. This vision s followed by large freighters and aircraft carrying enormous loads of products to other countries which were in emergency situations. I felt myself wonderin”g:  ‘how stupid can people be to sell valuable foodstuffs at a time like this for just worthless money.’

    Just after this I saw shopshelves initially bulging with products, people rushing to the shops to buy as much as they were able to; the government unexpectedly announcing food-rationing, and people being forced to stand in long lines for even their most basic life’s necessities; with white people being pushed from the waiting lines and fearfully also running away from them. Across the land and elsewhere in the world, chaos breaks out. I have a very clear vision of white women being kidnapped and dumped into taxis, driven to squatter camps, their clothes being ripped off and their having to suffer from repeated gang-rapes while hordes of children taunt them and beat them with sticks. Some of the white women are forced on their knees to carry out slavery-work doing the most humilating tasks. After this I saw how many whites, Indians and other foreigners are cruelly murdered. I asked: When? And a Voice replied: … “Look, I will come like a thief in the night…

    Deadly venomous snake’s head seperated from its body: Malema
    21 August 2010 –  During a dream an enormous black mama appears and someone cuts off the snake’s head with a quick slash of a panga – but both the head and the body remain alive and while the body moves about aimlessly, the head lies at once side, it’s fanged mouth wide open, making evil hissing sounds. Then I hear a voice whichsays: Malema’s head is seperated from his body (political party) but he remains deadly and venomous – so stay well out of reach of the head…


    ANC-deputy Minister: “Protect us … particularly from whites or Indians…

    Aug 29 2010 – Sunday Tribine reporter Gcwalisile Khanyile writes that the Deputy Correctional Services Minister Shlengiwe Mkhize has ordered the SAPS to bar all whites and Indians from the vicinity of her Fairfield, Johannesburg home – claiming to live in fear of her life. Irate about people she claims are photographing her house and harassing her, she’s left a note at the guardhouse near the gate instructing VIP police officers not to open the gates for strangers withut their permission: ‘particularly whites and Indians’…

    ANC depy Prisons Min Mkhize bars Whites and Indians from her street Fairfield Joburg Aug292010

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    Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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