TRC conclusion that ‘apartheid was a crime’, falsified history…

South African Press Association newswire – domestic news, August 16 2010 06:30

Constitutional Court application :

Truth and Reconciliation Commission conclusion that apartheid was a crime, is a falsification of history…”


Population Policy is the ‘common sense’ interpretation of the Truth and Reconciliation Act


Aug 15, 2010 at 02:07 PM

Issued by: STARH Attention: News Editor, Legal Editor, Court Reporters For immediate release:
Radical Honesty SA Amicus, in Concourt # 23-10

On 03 May 2010, the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa approved the Application from Radical Honesty SA, to be admitted as Amicus in the civil defamation matter of The Citizen v. Robert McBride, on appeal from the Supreme Court of Appeal. The Radical Honesty SA application to intervene as Amicus had argued for a Population Policy Common Sense interpretation of the Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation (TRC) Act.

A stable human population at slightly less than the eco-system’s carrying capacity (… ) is fraud

Radical Honesty is a small religion/culture founded on truth-telling and sensate forgiveness (Gestalt Therapy) by Dr. Brad Blanton, an American ‘Honesty in Politics’ politician, psychologist and bestselling author of the ‘Radical Honesty’ series of books. Dr. Blanton has filed an expert witness statement on behalf of the Radical Honesty SA Amicus. The Radical Honesty Population Policy Common Sense Amicus, filed on 18 July 2010, argues that a healthy ecological environment, with due regard for carrying capacity laws of sustainability is a sine qua non for all other constitutional rights. Put differently, any legislation or jurisprudence such as the TRC Act, which professes to advocate on behalf of human rights, peace and social justice, while ignoring their ecological basis – a stable human population at slightly less than the eco-systems carrying capacityis endorsing and practicing legal dishonesty and hypocrisy; i.e. fraud.

TRC Act renders its conclusion, i.e. the ‘crime of apartheid’. a falsification of history

The legal precedence for the Radical Honesty Ecolaw argument is among others the International Court of Justice opinion of Vice President Weeramantry in the 1998 Hungary v. Slovakia case concerning the Gabcikovo-Nagymaros Project. For this and other Radical Honesty and Population Policy Common Sense evidentiary reasons they ask the Concourt to acknowledge that a Radical Honesty Population Policy Common Sense interpretation of the TRC Act renders the TRC’s ‘crime of apartheid’ conclusion, to be a falsification of history.

The Radical Honesty SA Amicus was also served upon various TRC Commissioners, including Archbishop Tutu and Rev. Borraine, and the Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk Foundations, on 20 July. As of date, neither the TRC Commissioners, nor the Nelson Mandela or FW de Klerk Foundations have disputed the allegations in the Radical Honesty SA Amicus to the Constitutional Court.

Other parties who have submitted Amicus Curiae’s are the Freedom of Expression Institute (FXI), South African National Editors Forum (SANEF); Mrs. Joyce Mbizana and Mr. Mbasa Mxenge, and the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development.

Interestingly, on 12 August, Xinhua (Chinese news agency) reported that in response to a public interest writ to a Bangladesh High Court, it instructed the government to provide it with a population growth report for the last 10 years, and to explain why the goverment should not be directed to implement additional population control measures.

Radical Honesty SA Amicus Expert Witnesses include Dr. Brad Blanton on Radical Honesty: Being Specific about Anger and Forgiveness; and Dr. T. Michael Maher, Univ. of Louisiana Head of Educ. Dept, on Media’s censorship of Population Issues.

18 July Radical Honesty SA Heads of Argument: PDF: Issued by: STARH

Contact details: Lara Johnstone, Radical Honesty SA, Cell: (071) 170 1954

TRC apartheid is crime conclusion is falsification of history CONCOURT SUIT

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