Two Afrikaners killed in mysterious circumstances

Black man in BMW laughed as he shots dead white driver"

 Picture by Beeld newspaper: Lucas Stieler, brother of the murdered man, said his teenaged sons were in the car when their uncle Ernest, 39, was shot dead behind the wheel by the unknown driver of a luxury BMW who ‘laughed as he pulled the trigger’ on 16 May 2009 in an apparent ‘road-rage’ incident near Johannesburg. 

Jun 18 2009 Daniëlla du Plooy of Beeld newspaper has been asked by police to publish the description of a man who was driving a BMW-luxury car and had shot dead Ernest Stieler, 39, an Afrikaner who drives for UTi Sun Couriers in South Africa. He was killed on 16 May 2009. Police said they are looking for an ‘overweight black man in his thirties with a shaven head, who was with a black woman with long, curly hair and driving a BMW X5 with a GP-number plate with tinted windows." The suspect used a ‘silver-coloured revolver’ and was reportedly laughing, according to bystanders, while he shot dead the Afrikaner while driving next to him, and then chased away.  Anyone with information can contact the investigating officer, inspector J Faull at tel. South Africa 27 082 301 2410.

Eye-witness of this possibly racist road-rage incident were Stieler’s two teenaged nephews, who were riding in the vehicle with him when the shooting took place. Police spokesman superintendent Sefako Xaba of the Gauteng police department said ‘the possibility that this was a road-rage incident, is being investigated’, and they are looking for the black man in the BMW X5 who allegedly did the shooting.

The Stieler nephews said the black BMW X5 had driven up right to the bumper of the vehicle and had flashed his headlights, riding the bumper. When Ernest Stieler failed to move over, the black BMW pulled up next  to them, and the driver fired a shot at Ernest, who had started to slow down because they were approaching a traffic light. The shot hit Ernest in the chest and he died instantly, his family members said. "The suspect drove off,’ said Lucas Stieler, father of the boys. He said one of the boys had pulled on the hand brake, bringing the vehicle to a stop.  "The boys are now being treated by trauma experts for the horrendous experience. They told me the man looked straight at them and laughed while he pulled the trigger. It haunts them’.,,3-975_2531002,00.html

Afrikaans journalist/author André Potgieter killed in attack on smallholding

Jun 19 2009 Bloemfontein. – Pictured here is the well-known Afrikaans author/journalist André Potgieter (72), who died at the Pelonomi hospital in the Free State from trauma incurred during an armed attack at his smallholding in Jan Coetzee Avenue, Waterbron near Bloemfontein. He was bashed with a carjack and an angle-iron while asleep in his bed – and forensic examinations have shown that he also was stabbed with a knife in a ‘clearly ferocious assault’ on the sleeping man. He is survived by his wife Mara, sons Leon and Piet, and four grandsons. Two arrested men, Joseph Lechuti, 36, and Isaac Molefe (24) are being charged with murder at the Bloemfontein magistrate’s court on Wednesday, June 24 2009, reports Beeld journalist Loraine Kalp. Thus far, no known motive has been provided for the ferocity of this murder.,,3-975_2531294,00.html

About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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